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‘We thought this project would last forever’, says MP villager on pilot project by SEWA

In 2011, nine villages in Madhya Pradesh were made part of a pilot study, where villagers were given a basic, assured sum for close to 18 months. While some say it changed their lives forever, others say they worried a little less over basic needs, even if briefly

Amartya Sen: Granting basic income to all may lead to more privatisation

"People in a market-driven economy will spend more on private education and healthcare if their income is increased if the state grants them an amount as a minimum income,” Amartya Sen said.


Universal Basic Income: The ‘money for nothing’ idea

What is the idea of Universal Basic Income that the Economic Survey found ‘conceptually appealing’, and which Sikkim intends to implement? Whom does it benefit, and whom can it harm? In what ways?

The UBI net

As an idea, Universal Basic Income has appeal and advantages over normal welfare schemes. But where is the money?

After 10% quota, Govt plans basic income for poor, aid for farmers

The 2017 Economic Survey had flagged the UBI scheme as “a conceptually appealing idea” and a possible alternative to social welfare programmes targeted at reducing poverty.

What is Universal Basic Income?

The Universal Basic Income, implementation of which has repeatedly been debated in India, seeks to alleviate poverty by providing a basic income to all citizens of a particular state or geographical area, irrespective of their income, social standing, or employment status.


'Basic income reduces bureaucratic process'

The Nordic country is currently collating database of 2,000 unemployed people who are paid tax-free €560 each a month under a two-year universal basic income experiment started in January.