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A minimum framework

For now, NYAY scheme presented by the Congress is bare bones. A lower target minimum income and a smaller transfer amount could make it viable

Election Commission asks Niti VC Rajiv Kumar to explain his comments on Congress' Nyay

“Rajiv Kumar is a public servant and ideally should not have made such a statement which is seen as working to the BJP’s advantage. His comments have been sought,” said a source.


There is a way to deliver a minimum income guarantee — but Congress hasn’t found it

Instead of embarking on a massive administrative exercise with uncertain benefits, it is possible to think of another combination of public interventions that would actually ensure minimum income to a much larger proportion of the population.

India has highest number of poor despite 27 crore moving out of poverty in 10 years: report

In India, poverty reduction among children, the poorest states, Scheduled Tribes, and Muslims was fastest, the report says.

Not so basic

Inequality deepens faultlines, but a handout, framed as rich versus poor, is hardly the answer

Few details, Rs 3.6 lakh crore-question: Will Rahul Gandhi's minimum income scheme be a top-up or subsidy tweak?

According to the Central Statistics Office, there were 24.95 crore households in India in 2011. If every household in the bottom 20 per cent is eligible for this income, this translates into a total expenditure of about Rs 3.6 lakh crore annually.


UBI: Bluff... Congress has history of swindling people in name of poverty alleviation, says Jaitley

Arun Jaitley called the promise an “eyewash” and said the Congress is in the habit of “giving promises” to the poor to win elections but has never provided resources for it.

Minimum Rs 6000 a month to 20% of India’s poorest: Congress pollitics

After a meeting of the Congress Working Committee which approved the draft manifesto, Rahul said the Nyunatam Aay Yojana (Nyay) scheme was a “ground breaking idea’ and would mark the beginning of the final assault on poverty.

‘We thought this project would last forever’, says MP villager on pilot project by SEWA

In 2011, nine villages in Madhya Pradesh were made part of a pilot study, where villagers were given a basic, assured sum for close to 18 months. While some say it changed their lives forever, others say they worried a little less over basic needs, even if briefly

Amartya Sen: Granting basic income to all may lead to more privatisation

"People in a market-driven economy will spend more on private education and healthcare if their income is increased if the state grants them an amount as a minimum income,” Amartya Sen said.