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U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo meets Iraqi Speaker in Baghdad

Pompeo's visit comes against a backdrop of escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran, as Washington seeks to counter Iran's sway in the Middle East.

US can't be world's policeman, not fair when all burden on us: Trump tells troops in Iraq

He said the US could use Iraq as a regional launching pad to carry out operations against the ISIS and Syria. Trump vowed that his administration will give a "harsh response" if America faced another terrorist attack.


US government shuts down as talks fail to yield compromise

The House and the Senate both adjourned for the evening, ending any hopes of a last-minute compromise to pass a spending bill that would keep nine Cabinet agencies operating past a deadline of midnight.

China to step up support for economy in 2019 amid trade war

China will keep next year's economic growth within "a reasonable range", the statement said, after the conclusion of the Central Economic Work Conference, a closed-door gathering of party leaders and policymakers.

Made and Distributed in the USA: Online Disinformation

The conservative site, run by blogger John Hawkins, had created a series of Facebook pages and accounts over the last year under many names, according to Facebook.

Russia continues to sow discord in US: FBI Director Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray stood behind the intelligence agencies' assessment that Moscow meddled in the 2016 presidential election, dismissing Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim that his country was not involved.


Postponement of 2+2 dialogue with India unrelated to bilateral ties: US

The US on Wednesday had conveyed to India that it had postponed the dialogue scheduled to be held in Washington next week, due to "unavoidable reasons".

India, US likely to hold '2-by-2 Dialogue' on July 6, focus on strengthening defense and strategic relations

The bilateral meeting between the two countries will focus on strengthening security, defense and stratgeic cooperation to face global challenges together.

Indian-American lawmakers criticise new executive order on immigration law separating families

The new executive order came after more than 2,300 children were separated from their parents and relatives which now, requires agencies and Pentagon to place families together in family units who have entered the country illegally.

California teacher fired for calling US military 'lowest of low'

"We're not questioning his freedom of speech, but when we hire teachers to teach in a classroom there is a curriculum that needs to be taught,'' said the El Rancho Unified School District President

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President Obama leaves for his landmark trip to India

Barack Obama will be the first US President to be a Chief Guest at Indian Republic Day.

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NYT Opinion | New! A hotline for racists

Niecy Nash hosts a satirical infomercial advocating for people to stop calling 911 to harass black citizens and to call 1-844-WYT-FEAR instead.

Why some employees at Disney Land cannot pay their rent

They are struggling to get by and they’re fighting to pass a living wage ballot measure in California, they hope will change that.