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Iran ready for any scenario, from confrontation to diplomacy

Tensions have worsened since attacks on Saudi oil tankers and other vessels off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, as well as armed drone attacks on oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia which were claimed by Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen.

Explained: Strait of Hormuz — the world's most important oil artery

Most crude exported from Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE, Kuwait and Iraq -- all members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries -- is shipped through the Strait of Hormuz.


Images show rarely seen UAE ruler greet sheikhs for Ramadan

State media in the United Arab Emirates has published images of the country's rarely seen president greeting other ruling sheikhs for Ramadan.

Explained: A child of Indian parents gets a birth certificate in UAE. Why is this unusual?

The move comes against the backdrop of other conciliatory measures that the oil-rich nation has taken in 2019, a year which it has labelled the ‘Year of Tolerance’.

Indians to benefit as UAE launches ten-year visa programme for ‘exceptional talent’

The new rules also say that students would also be able to secure five-year visas and “exceptional” graduates could remain in the country for 10 years. Right now, students must apply to renew their visa every year.

United Arab Emirates forms new group with Saudi Arabia; Gulf Cooperation Council under pressure with new move

The move comes amid a diplomatic crisis with member state Qatar.


United Arab Emirates prison time dropped for transgender Singaporean, friend

Nur Qistina Fitriah Ibrahim, a transgender woman who has not undergone a sex-change operation, and her friend, freelance fashion photographer Muhammad Fadli Bin Abdul Rahman, were arrested at Abu Dhabi's Yas Mall in United Arab Emirates on August 9.

Drone trouble: Dubai airport shut for over an hour; 22 flights diverted

Dubai International Airport closed its airspace for 69 minutes due to unauthorised drone activity on Saturday and thousands of passengers suffered disruption to their journeys.

Text and context

India-UAE agreement is a result of possibilities opening up in the new West Asia. India must build on them.

Raja-Mandala: Call of the Gulf

In the Gulf, Delhi’s focus remained riveted on coping with the challenges of growing energy dependence on the region and managing the export of its expatriate labour.