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Uniform Civil Code: Delhi High Court seeks Centre’s stand on PIL

A uniform civil code would replace personal laws, based on the scriptures and customs of various religious communities, with a common set of rules governing every citizen.

57 years after liberation, Goa gets English translation of Portuguese civil code, 1867

57 years ago, Goa attained liberation from the Portuguese, but retained the Portuguese civil code, 1867, becoming the only state in the country to have a uniform civil code.


Law panel says uniform civil code not desirable now, reform family laws first

In its ‘Consultation Paper on Family Law Reforms' released Friday, the Law Commission has taken a stand in favour of "equality ‘within communities' between men and women" (personal law reform), "rather than ‘equality between' communities" (UCC).

After two-year consultation, Law Commission to finalise report on 'Family Law Reform'

With the two-year-long consultation process drawing to a close on July 31, the Law Commission is expected to finalise its report before the end of its term under Justice B S Chauhan on August 30, 2019.

On uniform civil code, Law panel asks Muslim groups: Why deny some rights to women

Sources told The Indian Express that the panel asked about Muslim personal law not allowing a mother to be the natural guardian and also cited the differences in the interpretation of Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki or Hanbali law.

Law panel questionnaire on civil code: BJP yet to reply

Most of the opposition parties that replied have dubbed the move to refer the matter of unform civil code to the law panel as a part of the ruling party's 'political agenda'.


Uniform civil code needed for gender issues, says Goa Governor

Mridula Sinha said that she had studied the Goa civil code which grants property rights to women, and had also held wide ranging deliberations with various women's organisations.

Law panel’s ‘piecemeal’ approach on UCC: Here’s how the Constituent Assembly discussed this

“Is it tyrannical? Nowhere in advanced Muslim countries the personal law of each minority has been recognised as so sacrosanct as to prevent the enactment of a Civil Code,” Munshi had said.

'Hindus should beget four children till Uniform Civil Code is implemented', says senior priest

Swami Govindadev Giriji Maharaj of Bharat Mata Mandir in Haridwar said that the two-child policy should not be restricted to Hindus alone, noting that India had lost those territories wherever Hindu population reduced, resulting in demographic imbalance.

Drafting change: What the new ‘progressive’ intervention in Uniform Civil Code debate entails

The Indian Express explains the background of the Uniform Civil Code debate, and the significance of the citizens’ intervention

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What Happened To Uniform Civil Code, SC Asks Govt

Underlining “total confusion” owing to personal laws governing religious practices, the Supreme Court sought to know from the government Monday whether it is willing to bring the Uniform Civil Code in the country. It asked the Solicitor General to seek the government’s view and posted the matter for further hearing after three weeks. A bench […]