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How your kitchen towels can cause food poisoning

kitchen towels used for multi-purpose tasks can put your households at potential risk of bacteria that cause food poisoning. The family composition and hygienic practices in the kitchen affect the microbial load of kitchen towels.

Things you need to know about swimming during menstruation

If you enjoy swimming during the rest of your cycle, there's no reason to stop just because you have your period. Female health app Clue has answered eight commonly asked questions about swimming when you're on your period,


Unhygienic conditions reason behind diarrhea outbreak, says dist admn

Interestingly, of the 52 patients in Saturday’s camp, only two were from Parkash Nagar.

Sec 39 waterworks in pitiable condition,find councillors

Unhygienic conditions and a lack of security was what the councillors found when they visited the water works in Sector 39.

SC seeks Centre,states response on sterilisation issue

Petition says camps were conducted in unhygienic conditions with scant regard for human life.

'Garbage dumps creating unhygienic conditions'

Sites for garbage bins near localities or near any public site have become a bone of contention for many.


Health dept seals two sweet units

Be careful before eating sweets this Diwali. The Health Department,on Wednesday,sealed two factories where sweets were being made under unhygienic conditions.