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Thursday, May 19, 2022

UN Security Council


Ukraine President Zelenskyy says he will address UN Security Council on Tuesday

April 05, 2022 2:24 pm

Tuesday's Security Council session is to consider Ukrainian allegations of the murder of civilians by Russian soldiers in Bucha, northwest of Kyiv, following the discovery of hundreds of bodies, some bound and shot at close range.

India's stance on invasion of Ukraine is troubling

March 24, 2022 3:43 pm

Christophe Jaffrelot, Jean-Thomas Martelli write: It has reduced the war to a territorial conflict between two comparable evils, invisibilising civilian resistance and diluting the responsibility of Russian aggression.

India at UNSC backs convention prohibiting biological weapons

March 18, 2022 10:43 pm

India reiterated the importance of prohibiting the use of biological weapons that could potentially turn the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict into a biochemical war, maintaining its stand from last week's UNSC meeting.

US and 10 countries condemn North Korean missile launch

March 08, 2022 8:56 am

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield read a statement from the 11 countries after a closed Security Council briefing on North Korea’s 11th ballistic missile launch since the beginning of the year on Saturday, which was detected by its neighbors.

UN chief calls for pause in fighting in Ukraine to allow safe passage of civilians caught in conflict in Sumy, Kharkiv

March 07, 2022 8:18 am

The UN chief's tweet came amid Russian allegations that Indian and other foreign nationals are being kept by force in these regions by Ukrainian nationalists.

Stand ready to help those from neighbouring, developing countries stranded in Ukraine: India tells UN Security Council

March 01, 2022 6:04 am

UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti voiced deep concern for the safety and security of thousands of Indian citizens, including students, stranded in Ukraine.

India, China echo similar positions on ‘territorial integrity’

February 27, 2022 1:34 pm

Both the countries also invoked a similar formulation on “territorial integrity and sovereignty” and the “UN charter”.

Russia vetoes UN resolution to end Ukraine invasion

February 26, 2022 7:14 am

The 11-1 vote — with China, India and the United Arab Emirates abstaining — showed significant but not total opposition to Russia's invasion of its smaller, militarily weaker neighbor.

Escalation of tension along Russia-Ukraine border matter of deep concern: India at UN

February 22, 2022 10:06 pm

The immediate priority is de-escalation of tensions taking into account the legitimate security interests of all countries, India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador T S Tirumurti said.


UN Security Council calls for immediate ceasefire as Gaza toll rises to 501

July 21, 2014 4:15 pm

The UNSC expressed serious concern about the escalation of violence in and around Gaza.