Ukraine conflict

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NATO fears return of intense fighting in Ukraine

NATO fears intense fighting during summer in eastern Ukraine accusing Moscow of supporting Russian separatist, a charge denied by Moscow.

At least half a million displaced by Ukraine conflict: UN

On August 20, UNHCR put the number of people displaced inside Ukraine at 190,000.


Russian cameraman 5th journalist killed in Ukraine

The driver of bus transporting the journalists was wounded and in hospital this morning, said a reporter from Russian news channel Rossiya 24.

Russia to submit UN draft resolution on Ukraine 'aid corridor'

Lavrov said that resolution calls for "every assistance to the activities of IRC and other international humanitarian organisations in southeastern Ukraine."

Pro-Russia protesters storm govt building in Ukraine

The protesters outside cheered and chanted “Russia!”.

NATO orders end to cooperation with Russia

Seeks ways to better protect alliance members that feel threatened by Kremlin, Steps up air patrols over Baltic Sea