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Britain accuses Iran of selling Adrian Darya 1 tanker oil to Syria

Britain said it had summoned the Iranian ambassador to condemn Iran’s actions and would raise the issue at the United Nations later this month.

Boris Johnson suspends UK Parliament after latest Brexit defeat

British lawmakers have delivered three defeats to the government's plans for leaving the European Union, before being sent home for a contentious five-week suspension of the legislature.


UK bans Philadelphia cream cheese ad because of 'dopey dad' stereotype

An advertisement for cream cheese showing distracted dads leaving babies on a conveyer belt has been banned in Britain under new rules against harmful gender stereotypes.

Amid intense heatwave, commuters strip as London reaches boiling point

Various pictures of half-naked commuters have surfaced the internet over the past week when Britain, along with France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands experienced record-smashing temperature ever on Thursday.

UK warns Iran over 'deeply unwise' attacks on oil tankers

Britain is working on the basis that Iran is responsible for attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, and warned Iran that these actions were "deeply unwise", Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said.

Boris Johnson bids for UK leadership with pledge of October 31 Brexit

Johnson, favourite for the top job nearly three years since he led the official campaign to leave the EU, praised the strength of the British economy, promised to deliver Brexit by October 31 and tackle despair across the country.


UK: Indian sent to seven years imprisonment for sexual attack

Ajay Rana was found guilty of raping a woman in the back of his housemate's car in Suffolk, after offering her a lift on December 9, 2017. He then fled to India on December 13 claiming he was visiting his ill mother.

UK will fine Facebook, Instagram for hosting terrorist content

If the technology firms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don't act swiftly enough to remove content that encourages terrorism and child sexual exploitation and abuse may face “substantial” fines or a UK ban under a new law.

Before moving out, Britain's surveillance agency GCHQ reveals London base

GCHQ, which gathers communications from around the world to identify and disrupt threats to Britain, only revealed the Palmer Street address, its London home for 66 years, after moving out.

Where a no-deal Brexit would hurt Europe the most

The regions most exposed to a no-deal Brexit would experience issues like disruptions in trade, costly tariffs, fragmented supply chains and restrictions on services.

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Jaitley, Amitabh Bachchan, David Cameron unveil Mahatma Gandhi's Statue in London

Gandhi is the first Indian and the only person never to have been in a public office to be honoured with a statue at the Parliament Square in London.

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UK Police and students clash during protest over university costs

Scuffles broke out between police and protesters in central London on Wednesday as students held a rally calling for the end to university tuition fees. Police are said to have made several arrests.