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Dismayed by men, UK woman 'marries' pet dog

Upset with men, Briton Amanda Rodgers, from south London, married her loyal pet terrier called Sheba.

UK woman gives birth in rescue helicopter

It was the second time a woman in labour had been flown to the mainland.


UK woman jumps from hotel balcony to escape Agra rape bid

The attack comes days after a Swiss tourist was gangraped in Madhya Pradesh.

Languishing in mental hospital for 2 yrs,British woman to finally fly home

When this 50-year-old UK woman first reached India in 2010 on a spiritual vacation,little did she know that her stay in the country would turn out to be a long one.

UK woman guilty of terrorism offences

38-year-old Shasta Khan,from Oldham was convicted of engaging in conduct for acts of terrorism.

Men lie through teeth to avoid shop tiffs with partners

70 per cent of women are convinced their partner is giving them an honest opinion.