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How would Ola, Uber cause truck sales to plummet: Yashwant Sinha

"People in the government are making weird statements. These statements will not lead to betterment of economy. But they will definitely affect the government's image," said Yashwant Sinha.

Uber settles for $148 mln with 50 US states over 2016 data breach

The settlement follows a 10-month investigation into a data breach that exposed personal data from around 57 million accounts, including 600,000 driver's license numbers.


Uber opens up international contest for a third flying taxi city

Uber will be naming its upcoming flying taxi service UberAIR. The company says that it aims to launch demonstrator flights in 2020 and begin paid operations in 2023

Uber driver arrested in Kolkata for obscene act

The Uber cab driver was arrested by police on Monday night

'Lakhs of hard-working livelihoods at stake,' Uber tells Delhi Police after crackdown

Uber's appeal to the Delhi Police came on Twitter today.

Uber, TaxiForSure get 7 days to get applications right

The modified scheme will have to make sure that the “drivers are totally safe, reliable, and trustworthy”.


Uber cab rape case: Defence wants to recall all witnesses

Yadav alleged that there were "glaring defects, mistakes and illegalities" requiring recall of all the witnesses.

Background checks of taxi drivers: 26K apply, 836 make the cut

Data of 20,237 drivers was sent back by the police due to incomplete information in their records.

Delhi govt ban on Uber and Ola cabs continues

On December 8, the Transport department had banned un-licenced cab operators after a woman was allegedly raped in an Uber taxi.

Being SMART, after Uber

India cannot be policed with 19th century laws and mindsets.