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Supertyphoon Yutu slams into US islands in the Pacific destroying homes

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump declared an emergency in the Northern Mariana Islands and authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to begin disaster relief efforts.

What is Typhoon Mangkhut?

Though Typhoon Mangkhut has now been downgraded, experts say Mangkhut may well end up being the deadlier storm, as it has already claimed over 60 lives with more than dozens missing. The typhoon is expected to further weaken into a tropical depression by Tuesday.


China provinces braced for heavy rainfall as typhoon heads west

Tropical cyclone Mangkhut made landfall in the southeast Chinese province of Guangdong on Sunday after causing devastation in the Philippines, where the death toll was expected to exceed 50

Typhoon Mangkhut slams into China after pummelling Philippines

China has ordered thousands of boats to return to harbour, and evacuated thousands of offshore oil platform workers.

At least 25 die in Philippine typhoon havoc, rescue official says

Twenty deaths in the Cordillera region on the main island of Luzon and four in nearby Nueva Vizcaya province were caused by landslides. Another death resulted from a treefall in the province of Ilocos Sur, Francis Tolentino said by telephone.

Typhoon Mangkhut aims at south China after killing 28 in Philippines

The strongest storm so far this year in the world sliced across the northern tip of Luzon Island on Saturday, causing nearly 150 flights, a third of them international, to be canceled and halting sea travel.


Evacuations underway as huge typhoon nears Philippines

The threat to agriculture comes as the Philippines tries to cope with rice shortages. Officials said other northern provinces started evacuating residents Thursday from high-risk areas, including in northern mountain provinces prone to landslides.

Pacific island chain asks Donald Trump to declare emergency as Typhoon Mangkhut strikes

There were no immediate reports of casualties there, nor near Guam, where a US military spokesman said forces were ready to help local authorities and FEMA on the chain of 15 islands, located between Hawaii and the Philippines

2 typhoons weaken after pounding South Korea and Japan

Japan's weather agency downgraded a separate storm from typhoon strength on Friday after it crossed a swath of the western part of the country overnight.

South Korea, Japan brace for winds and rain from two typhoons

Another typhoon called Cimarron is expected to cross western Japan today night. Japan's weather agency has warned of gusts, high waves and heavy rain.

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Super Typhoon 'Mangkhut' strikes northern Philippines

A strong typhoon packing winds of more than 200 kph (124 mph) tore across the northern tip of the Philippines on Saturday, bringing heavy rain and causing widespread power and communications outages.

Evacuation begins as typhoon Chan-Hom approaches China

Typhoon Chan-hom is expected to hit land Saturday afternoon between the coastal cities of Rui'an and Zhoushan, south of Shanghai, according to China's national weather service.


Typhoon Rammasun leaves at least 27 dead in Philippines

The death toll from the first typhoon of the Philippines' rainy season climbed to at least 27, authorities said.