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Private member’s Bill calls for two-child norm

The Population Regulation Bill, 2019, introduced by Rakesh Sinha in the Upper House, suggests that people with more than two living children should be “disqualified” from being chosen as an MP, MLA or a member of any body of the local self government after the commencement of the Act.

Chinese given the right to larger families, but few interested

Couples have increasingly delayed having even one child as they devote more time to other goals, such as building their careers. The skyrocketing cost of raising children in booming China has also given many prospective parents pause.


Pravin Togadia demands two child norm across the country

"A serious extinction seems to be on the anvil. And it is of Hindus. There is method in the systematic growth of Muslims," he said.

Dy sarpanch in Surat village fathers third child, suspended

Later, Patel confessed to the fact that his third child was born after his election. The two-child norm was effected in Gujarat in 2005.

Kerala panel’s 2-child norm idea ridiculous: Azad

Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad termed the suggestion to deny privileges to those families in Kerala who do not follow the two-child norm as “ridiculous”.