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Twitter buys Smyte to curb spam, abusive behaviour

Twitter said Smyte’s products will help it address challenges in safety, spam and security more quickly and effectively.

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Twitter to put live news events in your timeline, notifications

Twitter is now experimenting with topic tabs in its “Explore” tab so that it will be easier to see what’s happening in news and entertainment and what’s most relevant to you.

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Twitter has rolled out its in-stream video ad service to all advertisers in India

Twitter has partnered with several video publishers wherein these content partners would sharing brand-safe videos that audiences would be eager to discover.

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Twitter to revive all accounts suspended earlier due to age restriction

Twitter said on Wednesday that it did not expect the lockdown to happen as some users who opened their accounts when they were 13 are now old enough to use the platform.

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US Senators aim to call Facebook, Google, Twitter CEO to hearings over deals with Chinese

Lawmakers in the US and elsewhere are increasingly scrutinizing big tech companies, particularly over how they collect reams of personal data from their users and what they do with it.

Donald Trump threatens to impose additional USD 200 billion in tariffs on China; Beijing vows to retaliate

US appeals against ruling that Trump could not block Twitter followers

Trump has made his Twitter account – with more than 52 million followers – an integral and controversial part of his presidency, using it to promote his agenda, announce policy and attack critics.

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Twitter users who joined before age of 13 are being banned: Report

Twitter has opted to suspend users whose provided date of birth indicates they were under the age of 13 when they signed up.

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Twitter to add special labels to political candidates in US

Twitter from next month will start labelling US politicians on its platform; it is yet unknown if the feature will extend outside of the US.

Twitterati trolls Prakash Raj, asks him to 'come out of hiding' after Karnataka Election results

Twitterati troll Prakash Raj, ask him to ‘come out of hiding’ after Karnataka Election results

Karnataka elections 2018: Of late, Prakash Raj has been a staunch critic of the Narendra Modi government and has spoken out on innumerable occasions against them. Read on to know why he was trolled.

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Twitter changes strategy in battle against internet ‘trolls’

Twitter says it will now user behavioural signs to ensure that abusive trolls can be identified, and the activities of such users be controlled.

Karnataka elections 2018: On Twitter, Siddaramaiah-led Congress outsmarts Yeddyurappa-led BJP

A tweet by Rahul Gandhi addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi saw the highest number of re-tweets (10,151 times), while it received 22,930 likes, the statement said.

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J&K Police books second person over abusive tweets

Stating that tweets were “hurtful and attract penalties under law”, police have requested Twitter India authorities to block the users and sought their details so that they can be booked under law.

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Twitter working on ‘Secret Conversations’ encrypted message feature: Report

Twitter is apparently working on a new feature for its mobile apps called “Secret Conversations”, which will allow users to send direct messages that are encrypted.

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Millions of tweets have spread anti-Semitic messages: Report

A report from the US’ Anti-Defamatory Leagu has found that anti-Semitic content on Twitter has been rising, and creating false stereotypes around Jews.

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How to pick a new password, now that Twitter wants one

Though Twitter says there’s no indication that anyone has stolen or misused those passwords, the company is recommending a change as a precaution.