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Twitter to add special labels to political candidates in US

Twitter from next month will start labelling US politicians on its platform; it is yet unknown if the feature will extend outside of the US.

Twitter suspends several accounts infamous for 'tweetdecking'

Twitter has suspended accounts popular for mass-retweeting activities, forcing certain posts into gaining virality on the micro-blogging platform.


Cyber security pioneer John McAfee's Twitter account hacked

Internet security pioneer John McAfee said that hackers attacked his Twitter account, despite having registered himself for two-step account verification.

Russian Twitter accounts sowed discord around 2016 Brexit referendum vote: Report

A group of data scientists has found 156,252 Russian accounts on Twitter which mentioned #Brexit and posted nearly 45,000 messages related to the EU referendum in the 48 hours around the vote.

Twitter to remove verification badges from users found violating rules

Twitter has announced to remove verification badges from users who violate its rules, adding that the micro-blogging platform is reworking on its entire verification system.

Football fever

While the world was going gaga over the FIFA World Cup 2014 finals, Karan Johar took to his Twitter account and confessed that he is a ‘wannabe’ when it comes to such things


Her journey: Sales manager in Dubai to member of Delhi’s power club

Though rumours about trouble in their marriage had been doing the rounds over the past few months.

White House aide fired over slamming Obama administration on Twitter

Jofi Joseph was nonproliferation director on the National Security Council.

Twitter blocks Desmond Tutu

The ex-archbishop's @TutuLegacy account racked up hundreds of followers in its first hours of use.

Obama sends romantic tweet to Michelle

President Barack Obama marked 20 years of marriage to his wife Michelle on Wednesday with a romantic tweet sent to the first lady — and to his 20 million followers on Twitter