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Flames 2 review: A perfect blend of romance and nostalgia

Flames 2 review: In the second term, things are not as hunky-dory anymore. While being there for each other, Rajat and Ishita are shown navigating through relationships with parents and working their way towards a career.

Vipul Goyal: My struggle finally ended with Humorously Yours

Stand-up comedian and Humorously Yours actor Vipul Goyal on the web series, his popular co-stars and more.


Humorously Yours 2 review: An unnecessary, scattered season

The fourth and final episode of the series, Back To College, proves the second season of Humorously Yours was entirely unnecessary. The makers fail to make the most of an opportunity to further explore the world of stand-up comics and the growing craze for the craft in the country.

TVF's Yeh Meri Family: This nostalgic trip teaches the importance of siblings

Amid all the appreciation for Netflix’s Sacred Games, TVF Play has come up with Yeh Meri Family which is a fresh, nostalgic, sweet and emotional web series that will take you back to your pre-teens days.

Rabish Ki Report: TSP's political satire breaks the conventional mould of humour

The Screen Patti's Rabish Ki Report is a social satire that humorously infuses social problems in its short episodes. caught up with Shivankit Singh Parihar, the lead actor and co-writer of the show, as he shared his vision about this comedy.

A Book and Some Banter: Danish Husain adapts Urdu poet Ibn-e-Insha’s acclaimed satire for Prithvi Festival

Fake news, family WhatsApp groups, Taj Mahal, gaumutra — these and other subjects that dominate conversations and current affairs, slip into the play.


Video: TVF tribute to Mother's Day has got motherhood all wrong

TVF's year-old Mother's Day tribute belongs in the 19th century.

Ten funny lines from TVF's new video

The latest spoof video of 'The Viral Fever' on freedom of speech has gone viral on social media and YouTube.