Tuberculosis News

Mumbai: Abandoned TB patient finds hope, undergoes surgery

Asha’s turnaround is a rare case of a TB-affected patient recovering with the help of medical and psychological treatment that she was made to undergo by a group of healthcare professionals.

Nutritional support scheme for TB patients: Persons availing cash incentive on the rise in Maharashtra

For patients with active TB, a protein intake of 1.2 to 1.5 g per kg of ideal body weight is recommended per day. Patients also require a daily intake of micronutrients, apart from a diet that should include cereal, milk powder, groundnut and pulses, among other items.


Kolkata: TB related to malnutrition, govt did not acknowledge this, says report

While the officials had declared Tuberculosis (TB) as the cause of the seven deaths, the Right to Food Campaign report, which was released in November, said that TB as a disease is intrinsically related to malnutrition.

More potent healers

Understanding how private operators diagnose and treat TB patients could be first step towards making the unregulated private sector more effective in treating the disease.

European explorers spread drug-resistant Tuberculosis to Asia: study

TB takes more lives than any other infectious disease and while its global burden has slowly declined over the past decade, the rise of antibiotic resistance (ABR) presents a major obstacle to its control, said researchers from University College London in the UK.

Tuberculosis remains world's deadliest infectious disease: WHO

WHO, in its latest 2018 Global TB Report, says countries are still not doing enough to end TB by 2030 and calls for an unprecedented mobilization of national and international commitments.


Haffkine to conduct trial for faster, cheaper TB diagnosis

Currently, tuberculosis detection largely relies on GeneXpert machines under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP), which may take half-a-day to produce results.

India to start universal screening for tuberculosis, leprosy: Health Minister JP Nadda

India accounts for the largest number of TB cases in the world and 60 per cent of the global burden of leprosy. At 27.9 lakh, India’s TB incidence in 2016 was down marginally from the previous year’s 28.4 lakh. The number of TB-related deaths was 4.35 lakh, down by 15 per cent from 5.17 lakh.

Over 8,500 TB patients in Maharashtra living with HIV

In areas under the Pune Municipal Corporation, officials have registered a total of 1,105 new TB patients from January to April this year. Of these, 1,010 were tested for HIV and 43 were found to be positive with the virus.

‘Only 1.84 per cent children receive preventive TB therapy in India’

The report, released by international voluntary scientific organisation The Union, shows that only 1.84 per cent of children, aged up to 14, in India receive preventive TB treatment.