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Triple talaq: Muslim women coming out in large numbers to file FIRs in UP

The maximum number of 26 such cases have been registered in Meerut followed by Saharanpur and Shamli where 17 and 10 FIRs have been lodged respectively. These three places in western Uttar Pradesh have a sizeable Muslim population.

Amit Shah: Politics of appeasement led to continuance of triple talaq for so long

"Vote bank politics has caused loss to the nation in many ways. Triple Talaq is one such example and vote bank politics is the reason that the evil practice of Triple Talaq was allowed for so many years," Amit Shah said.


Instead of a separate law on triple talaq, Centre should have framed a just law for all

The intention of the Triple Talaq bill was to bring Muslim women into the gamut of secular family laws, which are applicable to all other women from all religions in India. However, the current Act is a far cry from such an objective.

Triple Talaq Bill passage is a transformative point in India’s socio-political context

The India of 2019, under PM Modi, is set on a path of reform. The mantra of reform, perform and transform is not only for governance or economy, it extends even to the reforming of society without discrimination or without any reference to vote bank politics.

‘First’ case in Maharashtra under new Act: 35-year-old booked for giving triple talaq on WhatsApp

On November 30, 2018, after a heated argument, the man allegedly texted her the word ‘talaq’ thrice on WhatsApp. He then called her up and uttered ‘talaq’ thrice over the phone as well.

Petition in SC challenges instant triple talaq law

The petition stated that the law, passed by Parliament on July 30, is “class specific to Muslims” and “violative of Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution”.


A step for gender justice: Law that criminalises instant talaq is framed by constitutional morality

The present government deserves appreciation for ensuring equality of women in letter and spirit. What is held to be bad in the Holy Quran cannot be good in sharia. Or, what is bad in theology is bad in law as well.

Odisha BJP MLA hints at link between triple talaq and prostitution, draws criticism

While speaking in support of the instant triple talaq Bill, Bishnu Sethi said that “Muslim women dominated the red-light areas of Mumbai and Kolkata”.

Taking down patriarchy

The Narendra Modi government has finally succeeded in abolishing triple talaq

Power, not justice

Criminalising triple divorce violates the first principles of criminal jurisprudence, will be counterproductive

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Instant triple talaq a crime now: here are five things to know about ordinance approved by cabinet

The Union Cabinet approved an ordinance making instant triple talaq a punishable offence with a three-year jail term on Wednesday. Here are five things to know about the government's ordinance.