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Another man dies of 'hunger' in Jharkhand

Rajendra Birhor, belonging to the primitive Birhor tribe, died Thursday at Nawadih village in Mandu block, 20 km from Ramgarh in Jharkhand. However, district officials denied it, saying his death was due to "illness".

Vajipur: Suspected to be robbers, two tribals beaten to death

Police said that a mob of 400 villagers attacked the eight persons with wooden sticks and metal rods after they were caught near a farm. Staff from Vaijapur police station got information that the villagers had caught suspected robbers.


Turned away from crematorium due to lack of money, Tribal man buries wife under garbage

"Some asked me to throw her in the river, but I decided to collect pieces of wood, polythene and rubber to cremate her," said Jagdish whose wife died due to illness.

Couple stripped over 'affair',4 cops suspended

The woman,who is a mother of five,and the man,who is also married,had fled the village together.