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A dream come true: 93-yr-old Britannia restaurant owner finally meets Will and Kate

A video of the nonagenarian calling himself the British Royal family's No. 1 fan and an invite to meet the royal couple went viral, leading to the meeting.

The April Fools Survival Guide: Tips to avoid being pranked

With high chances of you getting pranked on April 1, we bring you tips on how to avoid becoming a fool of the April.


From Pakistan, the story of a Muslim boy who loves Holi

"Uncle: Well, we were raised by telling us that Hindu and Muslims can not be together. Me: That is where everything went wrong. Happy Holi!"

Trolls and the power to publicly shame anyone

Recently, Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami was ridiculed on twitter for "allowing" his wife to wear a religiously inappropriate attire. Trolling, in Twitter’s sprawling empire, is ubiquitous.

Video: This Indian fusion performance on Rihanna’s 'Work' is absolutely awesome

"Work" by Rihanna is now totally with a new twist of fusion and Indian classical dance by Chasing Life dance group.

World Water Day: 5 inventions that may improve sustainability and quality of water

This World Water Day, we take a look at some inventions/projects that have been developed to improve the quality of water around the world.


Does King Tut share his tomb with stepmother Queen Nefertiti? Recent discoveries suggest so

Secret chambers found in King Tutankhamun's tomb have sparked speculation over the resting place of his stepmother — the beautiful Queen Nefertiti.

A heart-warming story: This penguin swims 8,000km every year to meet his human friend

71-year-old Joao Pereira de Souza nursed Dindim back to health after he washed up on the shore nearly dead in 2011. Dindim has been swimming 8,000km to meet him every year ever since.

Have you heard of prankster art? Check out what this Swedish duo has been up to

Swedish duo Erik Vestman and Nils Petter clearly like to have fun using their talents for public art that often doubles up as fun.

This man walks over 30km in snow to make art and it's beautiful

Simon Beck walks 30km in the snow to create art he calls 'snow murals', and they are breathtakingly beautiful.

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These Classical Art Memes will leave you in splits

Some artists create classic art that inspire generations. Although, these hilarious memes may not exactly be what they hoped to inspire.

This artist's guide on how to care for a sad person

The next time you are flummoxed as to how to care for a sad person, just use this as a guide. Imagine them to be a big roll of sushi and care for them as would for a roll of sushi. It's that simple.


20 amazing facts about the human body that will blow you away

It's easy to take the human body for granted, but this complex machine works in the most fascinating of ways. Here are some amazing facts about it that will blow your mind.

18 beautiful photos of animal moms with their babies

Be it the human world or the animal kingdom, there is no doubt that a mother's love is like none other.

Look into my eyes: Photographer captures stunning close-ups of the human eye

Andrei Mogan captures high-resolution close-up images of people's eyes and juxtaposes them against the people themselves.

This Belgian man clearly doesn't take 'no' for an answer

See how Eric Vekeman bypassed a local rule to build a garage for his BMW.