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Monday, May 23, 2022

Trees of Delhi


Trees of Delhi: The bistendu trees of Roshanara Bagh

January 19, 2022 6:27 pm

Bistendu (Diospyros cordifolia), also called Bombay Ebony, is known to thrive in dry forests, including Delhi’s Ridge.

Trees of Delhi: Amid Nehru Park's green foliage, the 'ghost trees' which stand out

January 12, 2022 9:02 pm

Scientist Faiyaz Khudsar explained that the tree derives the name of 'ghost tree' from the white hue that the trunk takes, while the tree is completely shorn of leaves.

Trees of Delhi: Capital's khirni trees tell tales of yore, predating even New Delhi

January 06, 2022 2:03 pm

The khirni tree at the dargah in Chirag Delhi wears small, white flowers along some branches.

At Rajghat, several countries find representation with trees planted by leaders

December 15, 2021 10:54 am

Two Ashoka trees -- planted by the erstwhile President of Yugoslavia and former President of the State Council of Romania, respectively -- stand near the Mahatma Gandhi memorial at Rajghat.

The 'oldest' member of Delhi's Nehru Park: Ullu ka ped, or the owl tree

November 24, 2021 6:02 pm

Gardeners at the park are conflicted over why the tree is called ullu ka pedh.

Trees of Delhi: Native to East Africa, an imli tree at Hauz Khas binds people together

November 10, 2021 12:32 pm

Looking over the Hauz Khas lake, the imli tree has been witnessing constant change in the scenery around it. In the company of 14th-century monuments, the imli tree appears to have its own enclosure of sorts, with a fence around it.

Leafing through history: On Teen Murti lawns, a majestic Semal draws eyes

October 13, 2021 3:52 pm

From the entrance gate, the tall tree, with branches reaching outwards almost symmetrically on either side of the trunk, nearly steals the Teen Murti Bhawan’s thunder.

The 'endless' Banyan at Bhikaji Cama place

September 29, 2021 11:29 am

The banyan is one on a list of 16 'heritage' ones hand picked by the Delhi government a few years ago.

Trees of Delhi: The rare Salvadora of Qutub

September 29, 2021 11:33 am

The Salvadoras in the Qutub complex also feature in Pradip Krishen’s book 'Trees of Delhi'. While Delhi golf course and the graveyards in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg are home to many Peelu trees, the Khabbar is said to be much rarer in Delhi.

Trees of Delhi: At Lodhi Gardens, a mango tree that stood test of time could be nearing its end

November 24, 2021 6:05 pm

Every summer, caretakers, gardeners and children who visited the gardens used to take home a few of the mangoes. Even if each gardener took home a few mangoes, they would all be over because there were 250 gardeners till a few years ago.