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Karnataka: Govt blinks, drops bridge project as #SteelFlyoverBeda campaign wins

Mobility expert Ashish Verma, one among those who opposed the move, said there were speculations of a concrete flyover being built along the same stretch instead of a 'steel' one.

Peepul tree, caretaker at centre of violence

The alleged “tree-cutting machine” turned out to be a grass-trimmer — similar to the kind used by municipal corporations.


Felling of trees uproots benefits of plantation drives

Despite claims of a 10-fold increase in the forest cover in Delhi in the past few years,the total hike in the forest cover between 2004 and 2007 is only .14 kilometre square.

Vasant Kunj trees hacked,carted to furniture market

Asked to prune,they hacked the trees. That’s the green story in pockets B and C of Vasant Kunj in South Delhi.