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Travelling with special needs children? This is how parents can request support from airlines

Children with intellectual disabilities like those on the autism spectrum can feel overwhelmed in unfamiliar surroundings and require special care. As a parent, how can you ensure that your child does not have to endure stress during a flight?

World Heritage Day 2019: 5 reasons to take the kids to Hampi

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently figured second on NYT’s list of 52 Places to Go in 2019. Roopa Pai, author of Krishna Deva Raya: King of Kings, set in 16th century's Vijaynagara (today's Hampi) in Karnataka, tells us how there is something about a Hampi sunset that calms the most restless mind and fills the heart with gladness.


Worried your child will miss school on family trips? Here are a travelling mom's top tips

You will never get back these initial years again when your kid was in the age group 0-5 years. These years are gold when it comes to maximising your travel dreams as parents. From my experience, I can assure that you will not regret travelling during these years.

Travelling with Kids: How to manage food for kids on the go

One aspect of planning for travel with kids also includes hygiene and food safety. It is not very difficult to ensure it if you have the right tools at hand.

Nature walks to yoga: 5 reasons to introduce your child to experiential travel

There are several authentic Ayurveda retreats today, which offer unique wellness experiences that the whole family can enjoy. Not only do some of these welcome children but also offer specific programmes and yoga sessions for them.

Being Baba: Travelling with a baby

You do this for you and for your wife so that you get a little change from being parents all the time. I mean, on vacation, you'll continue to be parents - change diapers, put him to sleep, feed him at all hours (you brave mommies you) and keep looking at every little thing he does…but you get to do that in a place away from home.


Travelling With Kids: How to handle a child's mood swings on a trip

No matter how old the child (with the exception of infants), you must try to speak to them at consistent intervals before the travel actually begins. They should be aware of an upcoming journey and the mode of transport you will be using.

Summer holidays: 10 things to see and do on a family trip to Japan

Don't make a strained itinerary. Roughly two weeks are comfortable enough for Tokyo and Kyoto. The best time to go is in late spring (March to May) with cherry blossoms in full bloom or late autumn (Sep to Nov).

Take a break with a child-free holiday

"As mothers, we go through each day with a suitcase full of guilt for every little thing we choose to do without the child. Whether it's a meal with friends at a restaurant or a parlour appointment, we are always thinking about our children and how they would be managing in our absence."

6 reasons you should take your child to Kerala

With a picturesque landscape, grand forts and palaces, rich culture and delectable food, Kerala is an ideal destination to plan a family trip to. We give six reasons your child will enjoy a trip to God's Own Country.