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5 reasons to take the kids to Hampi

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently figured second on NYT’s list of 52 Places to Go in 2019. Roopa Pai, author of Krishna Deva Raya: King of Kings, set in 16th century's Vijaynagara (today's Hampi) in Karnataka, tells us how there is something about a Hampi sunset that calms the most restless mind and fills the heart with gladness.

Solo Parent Travel: How to have the best time on your holiday with kids

How old your kids are will decide the level of comfort you can expect while planning a trip with them. With slightly older kids, the single parent can share responsibilities including carrying their own cabin baggage and being responsible for their belongings.


Crazy about space? Plan a stargazing vacation to watch meteor showers in the night sky

What we witnessed was like celestial fireworks—almost two shooting stars per minute. They seem to diverge from a single spot in the sky, called the radiant, located in the constellation Gemini but can be seen all across the sky.

Plan some unique getaways with your family, this holiday season

Nothing feels better than a walk or a run in fresh environs, right? A trek or a hike is the perfect thing to plan with your family if you are the kind that doesn’t mind exercising your body to look fitter in the new year. There are several trek operators that run treks and hikes for families starting from relatively lesser levels of difficulty to ones that involve some amount of steep climbing.

10 farmstays where you can enjoy your winter vacation with family

Families visiting the farmstay can participate in cleaning up of the forests and local villages, trail running, jam and cheese making, and poetry reading sessions on Sundays too. Besides, they also have a library of DVDs, board games and a collection of over a thousand books, as mentioned on their website.

Travelling with kids: Here's why you should try a BnB stay

It all started when we booked our first Bed and Breakfast (BnB) while travelling through Canada eight years ago, and discovered the beauty of living like a local.


6 ways to stop your baby from crying on a plane

If your baby starts crying while takeoff or landing, it could perhaps be because of ear congestion.

Travelling with kids: How to be a tourist in your own city

Our incredible India is full of history and culture and almost every city or town has some historical significance to it.

Travelling with kids: Why it's a good idea to eat like a local

The backpacking mama aka yours truly offers some tips to make your culinary travel experience with a kid even more enjoyable!

5 resorts where kids can participate in activities while you enjoy your vacation

These resorts offer a range of special activities for kids, from indoor games to safaris.