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At 10 months, this mompreneur has taken her daughter on 26 flights

"At two months. Honestly, I was very scared and apprehensive when I took her on the first flight. But it was all in my mind, I realised. Samaira has already made 26 flights so far. It has been a relatively seamless inclusion in her itinerary," says the mother.

My family staycation to discover Delhi’s Chandni Chowk

There are eighth generation shopkeepers who’ll greet you with a smile as you bring them business, however small. We bought nice little hoops for my daughter and traditional silver jhumkis for me.


6 offbeat holiday destinations near Delhi you can visit with kids to escape the heat

Save your child from the scorching heat in the city by planning a weekend getaway to these six cool destinations that are quite close to Delhi.

International Museum Day 2019: From locks to packaging, 6 offbeat Indian museums

International Museum Day: We look at some of the offbeat museums in India that take us through a labyrinth of such peculiar objects. These museums not only change our perception of museums and how we look at history, but also offer insights into personal narratives that have their own nostalgic charm.

How to balance vacations and studies with online learning

How to study during holidays: While joining regular classes may be difficult during vacations as it is common to miss the classes due to travel plans, children now have the option to take online learning during this time. This ensures they can take classes anytime, anywhere as per their convenience.

8 reasons to take your kids on a family road trip

A road trip allows you to make stops along the way, interact with locals and see life go by. This is great exposure for children, who learn about local culture and lifestyles, different food habits, etc.


Travelling with special needs children? This is how parents can request support from airlines

Children with intellectual disabilities like those on the autism spectrum can feel overwhelmed in unfamiliar surroundings and require special care. As a parent, how can you ensure that your child does not have to endure stress during a flight?

World Heritage Day 2019: 5 reasons to take the kids to Hampi

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently figured second on NYT’s list of 52 Places to Go in 2019. Roopa Pai, author of Krishna Deva Raya: King of Kings, set in 16th century's Vijaynagara (today's Hampi) in Karnataka, tells us how there is something about a Hampi sunset that calms the most restless mind and fills the heart with gladness.

Worried your child will miss school on family trips? Here are a travelling mom's top tips

You will never get back these initial years again when your kid was in the age group 0-5 years. These years are gold when it comes to maximising your travel dreams as parents. From my experience, I can assure that you will not regret travelling during these years.

Travelling with Kids: How to manage food for kids on the go

One aspect of planning for travel with kids also includes hygiene and food safety. It is not very difficult to ensure it if you have the right tools at hand.