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Here's why you should visit the beautiful historic town of Mahabalipuram

A weekend getaway cannot be ruled out, especially if you are new to the city and haven't explored much of the south.

Budget friendly, memory maker, convenience seeker or explorer: What kind of traveller are you?

Do you have a travel personality of your own? Find your type!


Varanasi: This weekend, head to the City of Ghats

Situated on the banks of River Ganga, Varanasi is around 3,000 years old — and one of the holiest of the seven sacred cities, per Hindu beliefs.

Dharamsala: Why you should visit this backpacker's paradise

Also referred to as 'Dharamshala', this backpacker's heaven is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Delhiites, here's your weekend getaway guide

Depending upon your travel agenda, we bring to you an eclectic mix of places around Delhi that have not been explored as much.

Udaipur diaries: Plan your stay in the City of Lakes

Once the capital of the kingdom of Mewar, Udaipur was founded in the year 1558 by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia clan, when he shifted base from Chittorgarh after its siege by Mughal emperor Akbar.


Trust these smartphone apps for hassle-free travel experience

Travelling to a new place and are worried about what's in store? Just ensure you have these travel apps and you are all set to go!

Planning a last minute holiday? Follow these simple tips to make it a hassle-free experience

One should not rush for flight and hotel bookings. Avoid booking the first deal that pops up on your search website.

More youngsters want to volunteer while travelling, says report

The report reveals that 70 per cent of the Gen Z travellers believe that volunteering makes a trip more authentic because they get to meet local people and feel like they've made a difference.

Planning a road trip? Here are some things you should keep in mind

Getting your car serviced before you hit the road is essential, but don’t forget to carry a couple of spare fuses, tyres, foot pump and a puncture repair kit for emergencies.

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Kiev Fire Fest 2016: Breathing and playing with fire

The Kiev Fire Festival took place in the capital of Ukraine on June 10 and 11, 2016.

Harmony of the Seas: Inside the world's largest cruise ship

The world's largest cruise ship, the 361m long, Harmony of the Seas, cost around $1 billion to make.


Your guide to being the perfect tourist in Japan

If you are planning a trip to japan, do keep in mind these dos and don'ts.

Summer travel: The top 10 islands in Asia to visit in 2016

This year's list is yet again dominated by islands from Thailand, while the Andamans still managed to sneak in a spot in the Asia Top 10 of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

The joy of cherry blossom season in Japan in pictures

Every year in Spring, thousands of people head to Japan to enjoy the country's iconic sakura (cherry blossoms), as it is covered in a stunning pink and white blanket.

Ubud, London, Istanbul: The 10 best places to visit in 2016

Slowly and steady, Southeast Asian countries seem to be dominating travel lists across the world. Here are the Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice awards' top 10 cities as voted by travellers across the globe for 2016.


Top 10 Indian cities in 2016 as voted by travellers

Despite a lot of negative news, Delhi tops the list of Indian cities in the 2016 edition of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

These are the Top 15 Asian destinations for 2016

This year's list is dominated by cities from Thailand, while two Indian cities still made it to the Top 15 of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

Spring is here; and so are the beautiful cherry blossoms

For the Western world, and Japan in the East, the blooming of cherry blossoms usually means Spring is here. Especially in Washington, where people step out to admire the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin.

Stunning photos of the world's costliest train station

On March 3, New York opened the most expensive train station in the world, on the site of the World Trade Centre destroyed 14 years ago in the 9/11 attacks.