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Wild Wanderlust

Thanks to her job as an energy consultant — which requires her to make as many as 18 international trips a year — Sudha Mahalingam has had the good fortune of being able to travel to some of the most interesting parts of the world.

Indians applied for more than a million Schengen visas in 2018: Report

Schengen visa enables tourists to travel through 26 European countries like Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland. All the places can be travelled to with a single document.


Indians prefer budget travel, domestic destinations this summer: Survey

Budget travel has emerged as the most popular choice with close to 45 per cent of respondents willing to spend only Rs 10,000 - 25,000 on their holidays.

Travel hacks for breastfeeding moms

Try to travel preferably at the end of the week, so that you have the weekend to rest and work on reestablishing the milk supply. One can enquire about child care services at hotels.

Take a break with a child-free holiday

"As mothers, we go through each day with a suitcase full of guilt for every little thing we choose to do without the child. Whether it's a meal with friends at a restaurant or a parlour appointment, we are always thinking about our children and how they would be managing in our absence."

Iceland is the safest country to visit, while India is the fourth dangerous: Report

Iceland topped the charts with the lowest risk of a natural disaster as well as crime rates, while India ranked as the fourth most dangerous country to visit.


This river cruise from Kolkata to Dhaka via Sunderbans promises a breathtaking view

Travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers can now book a river cruise from Kolkata to the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka via Guwahati, from March next year. 

Planning a trip this festive season at the last minute? Here are some hacks to save money

A sudden social or family gathering, or an unexpected holiday can call for a spontaneous trip. And this may not be easy to finance unless you have disposable funds.

Safe Cities Index 2017: From Tokyo to Hong Kong, here are world's top 10 safest cities

Singapore, Osaka and Hong Kong were the other Asian cities that made it to the top 10.

Travelling during pregnancy? Here are some tips to ensure your safety

Several airlines have specific guidelines for expectant mothers choosing to travel via flight. Some airlines permit pregnant mothers to fly till the end of 32 weeks of pregnancy.

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Kiev Fire Fest 2016: Breathing and playing with fire

The Kiev Fire Festival took place in the capital of Ukraine on June 10 and 11, 2016.

Harmony of the Seas: Inside the world's largest cruise ship

The world's largest cruise ship, the 361m long, Harmony of the Seas, cost around $1 billion to make.


Your guide to being the perfect tourist in Japan

If you are planning a trip to japan, do keep in mind these dos and don'ts.

Summer travel: The top 10 islands in Asia to visit in 2016

This year's list is yet again dominated by islands from Thailand, while the Andamans still managed to sneak in a spot in the Asia Top 10 of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

The joy of cherry blossom season in Japan in pictures

Every year in Spring, thousands of people head to Japan to enjoy the country's iconic sakura (cherry blossoms), as it is covered in a stunning pink and white blanket.

Ubud, London, Istanbul: The 10 best places to visit in 2016

Slowly and steady, Southeast Asian countries seem to be dominating travel lists across the world. Here are the Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice awards' top 10 cities as voted by travellers across the globe for 2016.


Top 10 Indian cities in 2016 as voted by travellers

Despite a lot of negative news, Delhi tops the list of Indian cities in the 2016 edition of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

These are the Top 15 Asian destinations for 2016

This year's list is dominated by cities from Thailand, while two Indian cities still made it to the Top 15 of Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice awards.

Spring is here; and so are the beautiful cherry blossoms

For the Western world, and Japan in the East, the blooming of cherry blossoms usually means Spring is here. Especially in Washington, where people step out to admire the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin.

Stunning photos of the world's costliest train station

On March 3, New York opened the most expensive train station in the world, on the site of the World Trade Centre destroyed 14 years ago in the 9/11 attacks.