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India ranks 76th in global corruption index, Denmark is least corrupt country: Report

North Korea is among the most corrupt countries in the world, the report says

First, give the patient right to know

We can create national watchdogs like Britain’s National Fraud Authority, which has brought down corrupt practices in the National Health Service.


Doctor’s dirty secret

David Berger’s experience of the Indian health system highlights how corrupt practices can steadily erode the trust and respect with which doctors were previously regarded.

Transparency International praises Tata Group firms,slams Chinese MNCs

Tata Communications gets top marks from corruption watchdog in anti-corruption programmes.

All political parties are corrupt believe 86% Indians: Transparency International survey

70 per cent of those surveyed in India believed that corruption had increased in the last two years

Public perception that govt not serious on corruption: Antony

On checking corruption in defence sector,Antony says the govt doesn't spare anyone who is guilty.


Corporate bribery crackdown shelved

Only a few nations cracking down on corporate bribery,watchdog says.

Bihar road corporation first state PSU to sign integrity pact with Transparency International

Bihar has become the first state in the country to respond to the Central Vigilance Commission’s recommendation to sign an integrity pact with Transparency International

India slips to 95th rank on Corruption Perception Index

International watchdog finds India's hold on tackling graft falling from bad to worse.

Corruption index reflects Arab Spring

Change seems driven by grassroots movements - as in India's Anna Hazare protest.