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Did you know that you are allowed to break journey while traveling by train? Here is how

Break of journey is not permissible on the tickets of certain trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, etc., which have separate all-inclusive fare structure on a point-to-point basis, and therefore, refund on such partially used tickets is also not admissible.

Further hike in Rajdhani,Shatabdi and Duronto fares

This is the 2nd increase in passenger fares,applicable in a few selected trains,in a month.


Railway fare hike: Rajdhani,Shatabdi and Duronto travel to cost more from Thursday

Railways has increased catering charges in Rajdhani,Shatabdi and Duronto by about 2-4 per cent.

Railway fare hike: Train journey to cost 2 per cent more from Monday

There is no increase in second class tickets in suburban trains and monthly season tickets.

Now rail passengers can book meals through internet

Supplier agency will also be selected for providing service on trains through a bidding process.

Google marks India's first passenger train journey with doodle

In the doodle,the locomotive train replaces the first 'O' of the word Google.


Catch a cricket match live on a train

Passengers could soon watch their favourite TV programmes or catch a cricket match live on a train journey if things go as planned by the Railways.

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Picturesque train journeys in India you must experience

To cut down on travel time, most people these days opt to fly to their destinations instead of travelling by train. However, it is not about the destination, but the beauty of the ride. So check out these breathtaking train routes across the country which are sure to compel you to hop on to one.