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Get ready for difficult times, China's Xi Jinping warns during trade war

US and China are locked in tit-for-tat tariff increases on each other's imports, after talks broke down to resolve their dispute.

Try respect

Amid jingoistic taunts and military escalation, Iran’s foreign minister offers Donald Trump sound diplomatic advice.


US-China trade war: Trump hikes tariffs, Beijing likely to take 'countermeasures'

In a statement released on Friday, China's Ministry of Commerce said the government "deeply regrets that it will have to take necessary countermeasures." However, the countermeasures that the country might take were not specified.

China's Vice Premier 'very unlikely' to go to US this week: Global Times editor in chief

Global Times is a tabloid published by the Ruling Communist Party's People's Daily.

Trump's trade chief sees long-term China challenges, continued tariff threat

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer cautioned that much work was still needed to nail down a US-China trade agreement, including working out how it will be enforced.

US, China haggle over toughest issues in trade war talks

Reuters reported exclusively on Wednesday that the two sides are starting to sketch out an agreement on structural issues, drafting language for six memorandums of understanding on proposed Chinese reforms.


Trump’s trade war leaves American whiskey on the rocks

The American spirits industry joined the growing chorus of businesses and trade groups trying to get Trump to remove tariffs on Chinese goods and foreign metals.

Sensex falls 336 pts; Re gains after three days

Global shares traded on a mixed note with a negative bias due to concerns over the state of ongoing US-China trade negotiations, amid reports that the White House has cancelled a trade planning meeting with Beijing this week.

How Canada got trapped in the middle of the US-China trade war

Trump’s relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been chilly at best this year. Now, with the extradition process unfolding in the next months, Trudeau risks alienating China as well.

Fearing espionage, US weighs tighter rules on Chinese students

The ideas under consideration, previously unreported, include checks of student phone records and scouring of personal accounts on Chinese and US social media platforms for anything that might raise concerns about students' intentions in the United States.