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In Maharashtra’s Wardha villages, banking means ATMs coming home

Transactions of over Rs 42 crore since micro-ATM scheme for financial inclusion was launched in district in 2017.

Night Patrol, Eye On Group Admins: Maharashtra Village Shows How To Tackle WhatsApp Rumours

In the rural districts of the state, where at times there is only one police station to serve as many as 50 villages, it is the Police Patils — civilian police representatives — who serve as vital sources of on-ground intelligence and help keep the peace.


Kerala: Jailed for murder, he donates kidney, gives life to friend’s family

His life has come a full circle, Sukumaran says, since that day in 2007 when he attacked his uncle over what he describes as a “trivial matter”. “The moment my uncle Vasu’s blood fell on me, I felt guilty. I called the police and waited till they came,” he says.

How government & private doctors united to help rural poor in Maharashtra

The project, anchored by the state’s Directorate of Medical Education, initially took off at two health care centres - at Jalgaon and Mumbai - set up by the Niramayseva Foundation in 2004.

In Ludhiana, a one-room island of hope for children of migrant workers

From Rs 100 to Rs 5,000, factory workers and daily wage labourers chip in to build a library.

GPS, radio tags, drones in Shimla’s fight against tree-felling

According to Forest Department officials, there are an estimated 4,00,000 trees within Shimla municipal limits. And until March 15, records show, they had tagged 2,81,780. If the project sticks to schedule, officials say all the trees will be GPS-tagged by October.


In remote villages of Kashmir, cardiac patients get lifeline through WhatsApp

Doctors and cardiologists from the tertiary centres are connected through WhatsApp groups. And doctors posted at government health facilities in remote areas are advised on the line of treatment round the clock.

Uttarakhand: A village stranded without power now flies on WiFi

For remote Ghes, tucked in the Garhwal hills, where electricity is still an aspiration and the mobile network is patchy at best, the new WiFi system that runs on solar power is “nothing less than a dream”, say residents.

Kerala: How a tuition programme in a Dalit colony in Palakkad is getting children to college

The project has so far helped 38 students pursue education beyond Class X. For a colony that had no graduates, there are now three who are in undergraduation courses and two who are set to join this year.

Pilgrim’s progress in Kedarnath, brick by brick in tough terrain, difficult weather

Six months after PM flagged five projects, fresh road greets pilgrims, new road and sewer lines are being laid — and task is cut out.