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This toy company has designed Braille bricks to make learning fun for visually impaired children

The Lego Braille bricks, to be launched in 2020, feature studs used for characters in the Braille alphabet, along with printed characters for sighted people to read.

Toy bomb game Cut the Wire discontinued after criticism

Parents expressed concern about the game, which comes packaged in a box with a background that looks like flames in an explosion. Critics said it was difficult to imagine promoting the game when there was so much real-life violence in the world involving bombs.


This new toy is making children yell and parents aren't happy

Yellies are toy spiders that function when you yell at them. Some parents, however, are not quite pleased with the concept.

Blocks, puzzles and boxes score over smart toys for kids

The pediatricians' group recommends no screen time for children up to age 2, and says total screen time including TV and computer use should be less than one hour daily for ages 2 and older.

What are Augmented Reality toys? How are they useful for children?

Every child's brain has a unique way of processing information and grasping a concept. An interactive AR toy can help them understand information at their comfort level and retain it for long.

Donate toys to make playtime accessible for all kids

What becomes of toys after our kids outgrow them? Why not donate perfectly good toys to another child who may not be in the position to afford them but can definitely benefit from them?


Children’s toys that can bust the bank!

You thought your child is nagging you a lot? At least, they haven’t asked you for the following expensive items, some of which could burn a massive hole in your pocket.

Get 47% discount on toys this Children's Day

If you are planning to surprise your kids with their favourite toys this Children's Day, can be one option.

Rate of interest subsidy for exporters hiked to 3%

In a move to boost exports,the government on Wednesday raised the rate of interest subvention for exporters to 3 per

The New Toy Story

It is time to master the child lock on your TV,before your child does.

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Now Disney toons to comfort your child at night

If you child wakes up in the middle of the night only to get scared of the darkness, Philips' new range of products in association with Disney, can come handy for you.