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Soon, auction of pomegranate, onion and tomato to go online in Pune

In Pune’s wholesale market, trade in molasses was the first to shift online with the market administrator issuing notices of suspension of licence to traders who had refused to do so.

Heinz finally debuts Mayochup - a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise

Earlier this year in April, Heinz took to Twitter to ask its loyal customers if they would welcome Mayochup and the response was positive.


Israeli company says it has developed tiniest cherry tomato

"The idea is that it is comfortable," said Ariel Kidron, a Kedma grower. "You can throw it in a salad, you don't need to cut it. It just explodes in your mouth."

Pune: Tomatoes ‘not up to the mark’, McDonald’s drops them from its burgers

In Maharashtra, most of the the winter crop of tomato comes from Niphad and its adjoining talukas in Nashik district, while the Junnar tehsil in Pune provides the summer crop.

This Kanpur shopkeeper is selling a unique gift item this Rakhi: not chocolates, not sweets...but veggies

Tomato prices are at an all time high and the government has been facing protests from not only opposition parties but also from vegetable vendors and general buyers.

After tomato, surge in onion price likely: Here's why

Traders estimate that Maharashtra farmers would have stored some 1.8 mt of onions from the last rabi crop which they sell in a staggered way.


Now, tomatoes do an onion in Mumbai, Pune

At Rs 65 per kg, it’s a tight squeeze for homes.

Rising vegetable prices temporary phenomenon: Pawar

Retail prices of key vegetables like tomato have risen sharply.

Brittle supply chain leads to soaring vegetable prices

Soaring vegetable prices have nothing to do with production,going at the same pace as last year.

Tomato prices in city see sharp rise as supply drops

The rates of one very important vegetable,the tomato,have risen considerably,from Rs 25-40 to Rs 40-60 per kg,due to a supply crunch.

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Top 8: Fruit treatments for glowing, healthy skin

If bananas can help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, strawberries provide exfoliation and cleansing. Aakriti Mehra, MD dermatologist of Enhance Clinics, shares some skin benefits of fruits.