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Lakes on Titan may have been craters formed due to nitrogen explosion

According to the latest study, lakes on Saturn's giant moon Titan may have been formed due to warming of nitrogen on the surface.

A ‘revolutionary mission’ to explore Saturn’s largest moon

Dragonfly, as the mission is called, will be capable of soaring across the skies of Titan and landing intermittently to take scientific measurements, studying the world’s mysterious atmosphere and topography while searching for hints of life.


Apple self-driving car layoffs are a nod to reality

As difficult and demanding a partner as Apple can sometimes prove to be, the greater issue was always likely to be that its autonomous technology wasn’t up to scratch. Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo now has hundreds of cars being tested and gathering data.

KaHa's Cove platform now on Titan We watch for women, but that's just the beginning

The Titan We — which looks like any traditional analogue watch — features one of the key features of the Cove platform, which is creating a social safety net for its users.

Titan rolls out VRS scheme for employees to improve productivity

The company added that it will update the impact of this on the financials on conclusion of the scheme.

Titan Juxt #ExpressReview: Analog is the new digital, just about

Titan Juxt is a smartwatch designed specifically for watch guys. People who value what they wear on their wrist will love it.


Titan Juxt smartwatch launched in India at Rs 15,995

Titan Juxt is a smart analog watch engineered by HP and will start at a price of Rs 15,995 . The watch is currently up for pre-order.

Titan has smartwatch plans and it's getting HP to partner

Titan to launch new range of smartwatches later this year in partnership with HP

Shopping process more important than product to Gen Y: Research

Paradox Panel’s Second Quarterly Report says that this paradox in behaviour is the outcome of this generation’s search for wisdom, a meta-perspective that goes beyond knowledge, and the prestige they associate with wisdom.

Tata Docomo to 'pay' users for watching ads

Service is available for phones running Android (2.3 and above),Nokia S40,S60,Java and BlackBerry.

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Titan Juxt: Check out this analog watch with smart chops

Titan Juxt is here. It is the first smartwatch from Indian watch manufacturer which aims to cater to traditional watch seekers looking for smart stuff