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Delhi: Gym trainer shot dead, cops look at his TikTok timeline

The DCP denied that the incident was the outcome of gang-related violence, and called it a possible case of “personal enmity”. “We found that the victim did not have any previous criminal record,” Alphonse said.

TikTok videos of this woman are going viral for her on-point expression!

A woman on the app has grabbed everyone's attention by her unusual stock of expressions shown in most of her uploads.


Digital Native: Three things we need to realise about what TikTok is doing to us

Fifteen seconds is all that will take for TikTok to own you.

TikTok videos now tick with #OrangeFace challenge

Although it's summertime and most are enjoying delicious mangoes in the real world, in the virtual world, it seems the tangy fruit has taken the internet by storm.

Happy Mother's Day: TikTok users honour moms with funny #MeriMaa videos

As hashtag #MeriMaa and #MomRapChallenge are trending on the small video making app, these video too were laden with app's signature sass and humour.

PUBG compilations: These funny TikTok videos will leave you ROFL-ing!

While the online multiplayer game allows players to purchase and try different dance moves for their avatar, TikTok users have made the most of the feature by synchronising the dance steps to popular Hindi songs.


TikTok user shoots video inside Maharashtra Police van... this clip had to go viral

Shared by TikTok user @msiddiqui954, the clip shows a man walking down the stairs of a police van in Maharashtra with the soundtrack Miya Bhai playing in the background. The next frame then shows the area around, including what seems like a police station.

Here's how to make TikTok videos in a few simple steps

TikTok Videos, How To Make Videos on TikTok: Following these simple steps you can easily make your first TikTok video.

5 funny TikTok videos that are breaking the Internet this week

Top funny TikTok videos of the week: Just in time for the weekend, here are five hilarious videos from TikTok that has Netizens in splits.

TikTok reclaims the number one spot on iOS and Play Store in India

TikTok app reclaimed the number one spot in the top free app on iOS and top free app in the 'social' category on the Google Play Store, within a few days after the Madras High Court's Madurai bench lifted the ban on the app.