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London Zoo: First date for 2 rare tigers ends in death

When the matchmakers believed that the time and the place were right — Friday at London Zoo — the rare Sumatran tiger called Asim and a female named Melati were put in the same enclosure to be potential mates.

International Tiger Day: We need new age Tiger champions

The striped cat may not be looking down the barrel but only a right balance between conservation and development can secure its future. We are a long way from achieving the ambitious target set in 2010 of doubling the global tiger numbers by 2022.


Madhya Pradesh loses 17 tigers in 2017: NTCA

India is currently home to 70 per cent of the world's tiger population in over 17 states and 50 sanctuaries across the country. According to NTCA's figures, 71 tigers died in India between January 1 and September 29 this year.

Fatal attack by tiger reopens debate: Should big cats be released in the wild after capture

Asked if her consistent movement close to human settlement wasn’t seen as an alarm, Mishra said, “About 40 pc of our tigers live outside Protected Areas (PAs) and close to human settlements and also feed on cattle. So, that’s not an issue.”

India prepares to shrink Panna success, others hope to replicate it to revive tigers

The three countries have had a history of tiger existence before the species went extinct due to various reasons.

Tiger sighting: An encounter in the woods

A flash of yellow, and a first tiger sighting.


41 tigers dead in 7 months: But headlines are being made for the wrong reasons

Go back a decade and you will find 411 tiger deaths recorded between 2001 and 2005. That is about 80 deaths a year. If anything, the death-population ratio is improving on official records.

Tiger is ambassador of India's conservation efforts: experts

According to the latest census, the number of tigers in India has increased by 30 per cent since 2010 to 2,226 in 2014.

What do we need jungles for? A hilarious conversation between tigers and govt officials

Listening in on a secret meeting between representatives of India’s national animal and government officials.

Madhya Pradesh minister Kusum Mehdele wants law allowing people to keep tigers as pets

In Thailand there is a legal recognition to people for keeping tigers and lions as pets, she said.