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‘If people don’t like something, I change it', says Bharat Dabholkar

"There is an audience sitting in front of you, who are not necessarily theatre experts. They want to be entertained, laugh, cry, or whatever, but go back with a happy feeling. I do my theatre for them. If an audience member does not like something in a play, I change it,"

Hyderabad man travels across India for a 'world without borders'

During his journey he was picked up by the Jaisalmer police as a suspect and was kept under custody for 20 days.


Acting on stage is like giving birth: Julia Roberts

You get sucked back into doing theater because it's really thrilling,Roberts said.

Comedy marks theatre fest as Bal Gandharva Rangmandir turns 42

An art and drama festival was organised at the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir to celebrate the anniversary of the theater that was founded 42 years ago on Friday.

Kung Fu Kids

Their classmates may be making most of the summer holidays watching remake of the 80s classic 'The Karate Kids' running successfully in theatres...

Hedda start

Hedda Gabler has remained enigmatic for more than a century. Created by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in 1890...


To beat stress of firemen,move to revive brigade band

To help firemen beat the stress of dousing fires and rescuing trapped victims from buildings,the 123-year-old city fire brigade is turning to song,dance and acting.

Laboratory of theatre

The beauty of experimental theatre lies in the fact that while it does not measure the quality of the performance on the commercial scale...

To Sara,with Love

The storyline of Mahesh Dattani's latest play Sara reaches its turning point when a girl,seven months pregnant,is rushed to a hospital in agony,where she delivers a baby,who dies in her arms.

Rachel Weisz eyes annual theatre

Academy-award-winner Rachel Weisz finds performing for the live audience 'wild and risky.'