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Russell Crowe confirms Dr Jekyll role in 'The Mummy' remake

Russell Crowe has confirmed that he is joining "The Mummy" remake and will take on the role of Dr Henry Jekyll.

Huma Qureshi 'auditions' for 'The Mummy' reboot

Huma Qureshi has auditioned for the third instalment of "The Mummy" franchise.


Rachel Weisz could be the next Bond girl

She's reportedly in negotiations with director Sam Mendes to star opposite her alleged lover Daniel Craig in the 23rd 007 film.

Rachel Weisz struggles to remember Oscar win moment

Hollywood actress Rachel Weisz struggles to remember the moment she won the Academy Award in 2006.

Rachel Weisz feels sexier after becoming mom

The actress,who has a 3 yr old son says going through labour made her more comfortable with her body.