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The Last Witch Hunter movie review

At a particularly fretful moment in 'The Last Witch Hunter', the 37th Dolan turns to Kaulder and asks, "Does that make sense to you?" The right question would be: "Did they think it should?"

Ciara covers 'Paint it black' for Vin Diesel film

Ciara has covered rock band The Rolling Stones' popular track "Paint It Black" for upcoming Vin Diesel-starrer "The Last Witch Hunter".


Vin Diesel features in 'The Last Witch Hunter' trailer

A dramatic new trailer for Vin Diesel's "The Last Witch Hunter" has been released.

'Last Witch Hunter 2' is underway: Vin Diesel

Actor Vin Diesel has revealed that the makers of his yet-to-be-released film "The Last Witch Hunter" have already planned a sequel.