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The Gran View: Verbal abuse can leave scars for a lifetime

Kids must be taught that making fun of others, be it their body size, colour of skin, accents, physical or mental disabilities can lead to hurting others’ feelings.

The Gran View: Handle temper tantrums firmly, but with care

What should you do when the little one throws a tantrum? What you really want to convey to him is that by throwing a tantrum he cannot have his way, and also that he may go through it and that it will not get him anywhere.


The Gran View: Don't yell at the problem, focus on the solution

Could love be the true essence of the relationship between parents and children? Could love be the highest form of vibration through which all creation is manifested?

The Gran View: Allow children the space to be average

The hopes, dreams and ambitions of the entire family rest on the shoulders of the little one.

The Gran View: Her smile said, 'Mama, I will stand, walk and dance one day!'

The doctors in India declared 40 years ago that she was born spastic with cerebral palsy and nothing much could be done. My husband and I refused to give up.

The Gran View: How my special needs child finally spoke and walked

Tamana finished her class XII at DPS and today is a regular teacher at DPS Nursery school in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. She skips, hops and jumps with the babies and is loved by one and all.


The Gran View: Give children a voice in family decisions

A baby of six weeks—is he less worthwhile a person than a grandmother of 60 years? Thus, one individual is not seen as superior, with others being inferior, but each is equal, no matter what his age, experiences or qualifications.

The Gran View: Raise yourself to become a high EQ parent

In reality, it is not uncommon to find families in which one parent is authoritarian and the other is permissive. These parents may actually balance each other in how they raise their children.

The Gran View: Grand-parenting, the joys and challenges

In her first column for Express Parenting, Dr Shyama Chona writes about the joys and challenges of being a grandparent in modern families, which come with their own individual dynamics.

The Gran View: The arrival of the first grandchild is magical

The arrival of the first grandchild marks the beginning of a new generation. There is a sense of magic as the baby represents the family projecting far into the future.