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Jet-Set Ready: Vistara, a new airline, is simple yet luxurious

Textile mogul Abraham and Thakore’s brief for Vistara — the airline to be launched by Tata and Singapore Airlines — is to keep it simple yet luxurious.

Curtain Stalled

The beginning of a fashion week is almost always the same. Magazines celebrate it and newspaper writers,like me,rant about what’s wrong with it. Both sides are (almost) accurate; there’s always something to look forward to in fashion and there’s never a governing body that escapes media scrutiny. Press rhetoric,wonderfully,is just rhetoric after all. Today is […]


Thakores rally for 15% quota,warn of agitation

Over 1,500 members of the Thakore community on Monday marched to the collector’s office here with their demand for 15 per cent reservation in government jobs within the 33 per cent quota for OBCs.