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Four found dead in waterway near US-Mexico border

Authorities said Border Patrol agents discovered three of the bodies on a in a tunnel adjoining the canal, near a section of the waterway that runs along the US-Mexico border. An additional body washed up on the bank of the canal upstream.

Texas to witness the bluebonnet bloom season; a look at other attractions around the world

Texas in United States is expected to witness one of the largest bluebonnet bloom in decades this year. Here's where you can experience the season in India.


Catholic leaders in Texas name around 300 priests accused of sexual abuse

Some of the 15 Texas dioceses listed priests accused of abuse going back as far as the 1940s. The majority of the priests identified in Texas have died, as is the case in most dioceses around the country. 

Texas inmate set to be executed for Houston officer's death

Robert Jennings was condemned for the July 1988 slaying of Officer Elston Howard during a robbery at an adult bookstore. He would be the first inmate put to death this year both in the US and in Texas.

Texas executes man convicted of 1993 murder

In his last words, Braziel expressed thanks to "all those overseas, Italy and France, for their support for death row prisoners.

Texas executes member of 'Texas 7' for policeman's murder

Garcia was the 12th inmate to be executed in Texas and the 22nd in the United States in 2018, according to the Death Penalty Information Center, an organization that tracks the death penalty in the United States.       


Man sentenced to nearly 25 years for arson of Texas mosque

Perez was initially arrested and charged in March 2017 in connection with an attempt to blow up a car, the Justice Department said. Evidence linking him to the mosque fire was later presented at a detention hearing.

Texas: 4 men killed in shooting at child's birthday party

An argument in the backyard of a residence triggered the shooting which left four men dead and another man wounded.

Firing of Dallas officer who killed neighbour is premature, unfair: Lawyer

Amber Guyger, a Dallas police officer, was arrested on a manslaughter warrant in the shooting of a black man at his home, Texas authorities said. There are conflicting narratives over what led up to the shooting.

US Border Patrol agent charged for killing 4 women, attempt on fifth

Authorities believe Ortiz had killed all four women since September 3. The names of the victims were not immediately released.

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Ice storm freezes tropical South US

A rare ice storm turned Atlanta into a slippery mess on Wednesday, stranding thousands for hours.