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Officials turn to Telegram to provide live tracking of Bengaluru to Airport Volvo services

A Telegram group which has been formed by the manager of the BMTC Whitefield depot now helps hundreds of commuters on route KIAS 15 for their travel to the Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore.

Media files on WhatsApp, Telegram could be hacked, manipulated for fraud

Security firm Symantec has revealed that media files received on the messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram could be manipulated for fraud.


Telegram traces massive cyber attack to China during Hong Kong protests

The encrypted messaging app said it experienced a powerful distributed denial of service attack after “garbage requests” flooded its servers and disrupted legitimate communications.

Apple approves update to messaging app Telegram amid Russia flap

Apple has now introduced an update to encrypted messaging app Telegram, after the company claimed that iPhones had not received updates since April.

Telegram says Apple has prevented its updates since being banned in Russia

After Russia's decision to block Telegram, two protest rallies were staged in Moscow against what demonstrators called internet censorship.

Top WhatsApp alternatives that are worth a try

If you are looking for an alternative, we have listed a few apps that have enough potential to serve you well in the absence of WhatsApp.


France builds WhatsApp rival to overcome surveillance risk

The French government is developing an encrypted messaging service for government communication, fearing that WhatsApp and Telegram encourage data surveillance.

Russia blocks Telegram, forcing Kremlin to switch communications service

Russia has begun implementing a ban on encrypted messaging service Telegram, after it failed to deliver private information to the country's secret service agencies.

Russian court blocks messaging app Telegram in data privacy row

A Russian court has banned encrypted messaging service Telegram, as the Kremlin claims that the platform was used to transfer communication between extremists.

Russia files lawsuit to block Telegram messaging app

Russia's communication watchdog Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit against Telegram, accusing the encrypted messaging app of providing information of its messages to secret services.