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All telcos, except Jio, fail TRAI's call drop test on highway, rail routes

According to a TRAI report, none of the telecos like Airtel, Vodafone Idea or BSNL could meet call drop benchmark on rail routes of highways, except for Reliance Jio

TRAI proposes changes in MNP rule to curb porting request rejection

Mobile number portability (MNP) allows mobile subscribers to change their telecom operator in any part of the country while retaining their phone number.


TRAI fines Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea for not meeting QoS norms in March quarter

About Rs 34 lakh fine has been imposed for March 2018 quarter on Reliance Jio, the aggressive player whose offerings since 2016 have shaken the market and triggered a bruising tariff war among operators.

Telecom Commission approves norms for network testing; caps trials at 180 days

The issue of dos and dont's for network testing had stirred up a storm in the industry after Reliance Jio amassed over 1.5 million users during its test phase that preceded the commercial launch of services in September 2016.

TRAI chief RS Sharma gets extension till Sept 30, 2020

RS Sharma was appointed as the chairperson of Trai in July 2015 for a three-year period, and a number of controversies have been stirred up during his tenure so far.

Apple's mettle in India tested in squabble with TRAI over anti-spam app

Apple's low market share in India has come under severe attack from TRAI's insistence that the Cupertino-based company makes its devices run the regulator's Do Not Disturb (DND) service.


Telecom gear makers applaud TRAI recommendations to boost local manufacturing of equipment

TRAI's recommendations - 18 in all - issued today are aimed at transforming the telecom manufacturing sector from being "import-dependent" to a global hub of indigenous manufacturing.

TRAI suggests Rs 492 cr per Mhz for 5G spectrum; lowers price of 700 Mhz band by 43%

TRAI prepared for the auction of 5G spectrum to telecom operators, who would need to shell out close to Rs 10,000 crores to receive full-spectrum capabilities.

Threw Aadhaar challenge not as TRAI chief, but as ordinary citizen: RS Sharma

TRAI chairman RS Sharma has clarified, saying that the Aadhaar number challenge that he has started was a decision taken as an 'ordinary citizen'.

Pesky call rules not targeting any specific company: TRAI chief

TRAI chairman RS Sharma has clarified the regulators stance on the DND app ban for iPhones, stating that the rules on pesky calls and SMSes do not target any player in particular.

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Idea Exchange With Trai Chairman RS Sharma

TRAI Chairman R S Sharma talks about the Net neutrality debate and explains the regulatory body’s reasons for ruling out differential pricing for data services, says he wouldn’t describe telecom companies presenting their arguments as ‘pressure’, and explains what they are doing to tackle the problem of call drops – See more