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Tel Aviv museum showcases climate change solutions

The "Fridays for Future" protests have reinvigorated the debate on climate change around the world. An exhibition in Tel Aviv now shows how cities can use innovative technologies to limit the effects of global warming.

Israel opens high-speed rail link between Tel Aviv airport and Jerusalem

The train, travelling at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour (100 mph), traverses a series of new tunnels and bridges, passing through hills between Jerusalem and the airport, about 40 km (25 miles) away.


Modi in Israel: Did you know of the Modi'in city in Israel?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-day tour to Israel, and interestingly, his arrival even reflected on road signs on the way from Jerusalem to the airport as there is a city named Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut in the country.

Solution should be such that both Israel and Palestine coexist peacefully: PM Modi

In contrast to the nature of Israel visits of several other world leaders in the past, PM Narendra Modi shall not be visiting Ramallah, the seat of Palestinian authority to meet Palestinian leaders. 

Three days after they were closed, Israel reopens Palestinian crossing points

The West Bank village was put on lockdown after Tel Aviv shooting which killed four Israelis and wounded five others.

Israel: Gunman kills 2 in Tel Aviv bar; manhunt underway

The motive for the shooting spree in Tel Aviv, which took place on a busy main street, was not immediately clear.


Tel Aviv model proposed for 6 Maharashtra cities

"It’s (Tel Aviv) a brilliant planning and management. It is the meticulous planning and use of modern technology which we can inherit from Israel to smarten our urban cities," says Devendra Fadnavis.

'We need to bring kids to science... I'll build a robot that looks like a dinosaur and send it to space'

Ben-Yisrael, Military scientist and former politician, was in Delhi recently when he spoke to Sudeep Paul

Neil Young cancels Tel Aviv concert amid hostilities

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have confirmed that their scheduled concert in Tel Aviv is officially off.

Butterflies in the Belly

A play without any words from Israel hopes to give two-year-olds their first theatrical experience