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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

TED Talk


'The way to live is with vulnerability, to stop controlling and predicting': Brené Brown

May 17, 2021 9:04 pm

"We can't practise compassion for others unless we can be kind to ourselves," says the researcher on the importance of embracing vulnerabilities

'Education is the only thing that transforms lives': Athar Aamir Khan

April 12, 2021 9:08 pm

IAS officer Athar Aamir Khan speaks of the importance of education and the endeavours he undertook for the benefit of students from rural areas

'I had to make sure my creativity survived its own success': Elizabeth Gilbert

April 06, 2021 11:17 pm

The writer talks about success and failure not being the end-all-be-all of your vocation, and stresses that what matters most is doing what you love with diligence

Encourage your teenagers early on: Nick Vujicic on finding inspiration in life

November 02, 2020 3:29 pm

It just takes just three seconds to tell you something discouraging that you may never forget. Words are powerful. So, use them wisely, said the noted motivational speaker

What is the secret to becoming mentally strong? Find out here

June 03, 2020 10:44 am

If you often struggle with unhealthy beliefs about yourself, others and the world, it is time you start practising good habits for mental health. Watch this inspiring video on how to do that.

Watch: 'My guru is my son,' says a father

April 04, 2020 9:45 pm

"Parents, the most effective tool to make children (achieve milestones) is patience."

Watch: How to get your kids to listen and engage

March 22, 2020 4:14 pm

Coach and consultant Kris Prochaska suggests that parents must learn to treat kids as equal, and understand that they have a voice, too.

Watch: What makes gifted minds different?

March 01, 2020 3:50 pm

Sameena Manasawala says a gifted kid is not just one who answers all the questions in class, but also one who is shy, day-dreams a lot, or even someone with a learning difficulty.

Watch: A mother on having 'the talk' with her eight-year-old

January 10, 2020 6:26 pm

The conversation starts when they discuss frogs and how they reproduce. her daughter asks, "And where do, um, where do human women, like, where do women lay their eggs?" 

Watch: How to better manage your child's relationship with the screen

January 03, 2020 4:14 pm

"We adults think kids are seeing what we're seeing, but it turns out that they need to first have a real store of background knowledge, they have to have gone through life to understand things the way that we adults understand them."