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Plastic teabags releasing microscopic particles into your drink: Study

Over time, plastic breaks down into tiny microplastics and even smaller nanoplastics, the latter being less than 100 nanometers (nm) in size.

Bengaluru: Two held for selling counterfeit Red Label and 3Roses tea powder

According to the police, the two were arrested after a tip-off by police informers. The two were manufacturing the low-quality tea powder in Bandepalya police limits in South West Bengaluru.


Here's how you can save your teeth from coffee stains

The stains occur when the tannins — organic substances found in plants — build up on the tooth enamel.

Drinking hot tea may raise the risk of cancer, reveals study

For the study, researchers observed 50,045 people, between 40 and 75-year age group in Golestan, Iran, for an average period of 10.1 years.

Assam tea at Rs 75,000/kg: How is it valued, how is it sold?

Assam accounts for nearly 55% of India’s tea production.

Assam tea variety auctioned at Rs 50,000 per kg: A look at five most expensive teas across the world

A variety of Assam tea was recently auctioned for Rs 50,000 per kg at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC). The same tea, last year, was auctioned for Rs 39,000 per kg.


A cycling tour explores the different varieties of tea offered in Pune

Riding in tough terrains while experiencing the vast history of Pune, often sparks many interesting conversations.

Bursting the bubble: Why bubble tea may be harmful for your health

Bubble tea, which is already saturated with sugar, contains as much as 50 grams of sugar and close to 500 calories.

Tea doesn't need sugar to taste good, reveals study

Participants were asked to either stop adding sugar to their tea overnight, or gradually reduce the amount of sugar they added. The findings were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow.

Drinking hot tea may increase risk of esophageal cancer: Study

Most people enjoy sipping on a piping hot cup of tea. However, a recently conducted study that was published in the International Journal of Cancer throws light on the association between drinking hot tea and the risk of developing esophageal cancer.

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It's chai time

The ritual of drinking tea goes beyond all boundaries in India. On average, we consume 837.000 tonnes of tea every year. This International Tea day, learn a few new simple recipes about India's most popular drink - Chai.