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Her Blind Spots

Tavleen Singh is a legend, but on #MeToo, she misses the point.

‘Everything is a broken tryst’

Columnist and writer Tavleen Singh’s new book traverses Lutyens’ Delhi drawing rooms, PM Modi’s parivartan politics and footpaths of urban India.


Conversations with Tavleen Singh and Pratap Mehta

The pervasive elitism of higher education institutions has to be challenged. But their further decimation must also be resisted.

A story of Bhuttos, and South Asia

A new book recounts the turbulence in the life and times of Benazir Bhutto.

Fifth Column: Je suis Charlie Hebdo

There are lessons for us from the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Fifth column: A misconception

"The first political leader to have noticed the urgent need for ‘parivartan’ was Modi, I support him."


Textbook for our time

In the last 10 years, the curricular part of school education was left to professional educationists. Academics must defend that achievement.

Fifth Column: Is Bihar India’s future?

So has anything at all changed for the better since I was last here in the reign of Rabri Devi? Yes. Law and order has improved dramatically..

Keeping the faith

I have found myself pitted against ‘secularists’, whose case is that Modi will divide the country.

Too late for change?

Judging from Rahul’s speech to FICCI members in Delhi,he appears to have seen the light.