Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Tavleen Singh


Tavleen Singh writes: Morbi was more than a calamity

November 07, 2022 7:30 am

Tavleen Singh writes: Why were people allowed onto a bridge that was not certified as safe? Why was the contract to repair the bridge given to a company that makes clocks and electrical fittings? Who were the officials responsible for oversight? Were they corrupt or blind? They must be publicly shamed and sacked.

Tavleen Singh writes: The public flogging in Gujarat sends many messages and all of them are disturbing

October 10, 2022 7:00 am

The public flogging sends many messages and all of them are disturbing. The most important of these messages is that too many Indians seem unaware that the foundational pillar of democracy is the rule of law.

Tavleen Singh writes: All fanatics are dangerous

September 25, 2022 8:06 pm

Tavleen Singh writes: Hindutva fanatics are as despicable as Jihadi fanatics, but it is wrong to say that it is because Hindu fanatics tore down the Babri Masjid that we have seen the rise of political Islam.

Tavleen Singh writes: What is a direct threat to democracy is the ‘Yogi model’

August 07, 2022 5:11 pm

Tavleen Singh writes: Karnataka CM should be ashamed that he has become a proponent of this jungle justice. Those who believe that it was this kind of rough justice that won Adityanath a second term in office should also be ashamed.

Tavleen Singh writes: A Parliament for small things

August 02, 2022 6:52 pm

Tavleen Singh writes: Fuel and food prices have risen alarmingly, but why is it not possible for Opposition parties to demand a debate without waving placards and leaping around in the well of the house?

Tavleen Singh writes: Defaming dissidents

July 24, 2022 4:31 pm

Tavleen Singh writes: If every dissident voice is crushed, it confirms to those who cherish the freedoms that democracy allows, that India is slowly but surely slipping towards illiberalism. What happened to Zubair proves that those who say India is increasingly becoming an illiberal democracy are right.

Tavleen Singh writes: Bad days for dynasties

July 17, 2022 10:15 pm

Tavleen Singh writes: The best thing that Sonia and her children can do for the Congress party is to gracefully become non-executive members on the board that controls the family firm.

Tavleen Singh writes: Islamism has no place in India

July 03, 2022 3:38 pm

There have been hundreds of jihadi killings in India, especially in Kashmir, but this beheading in Udaipur indicates that the fanaticism that defines radical Islam has gone up a few notches.

Tavleen Singh writes: It no longer surprises us that our elected representatives betray people’s mandate by switching sides midstream

June 26, 2022 8:27 am

Tavleen Singh writes: Why are we no longer shocked by the amorality that has come to characterise our political culture? Why does the Election Commission not ask some questions?

Tavleen Singh writes: Religion and politics do not mix

June 12, 2022 8:42 am

Tavleen Singh writes: "If religion had not become part of our political discourse, none of this would have happened. But, because it has, we have a situation in which BJP spokespersons appear to have been encouraged to demean Islam."