Tamanna News

TV show Tamanna gets a month's extension

Tamanna has got an extension of a month on popular demand.

Was sceptical to sign TV show: Sonali Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni says she was "sceptical" about signing TV show "Tamanna", fearing the impact it would have on her "film and theatre commitments".


Anuja Sathe uses own jewellery for reel wedding

Anuja Sathe got so involved in her onscreen wedding sequence in TV show "Tamanna" that she ended up wearing her own bridal jewellery for the scenes.

Harshita Ojha fulfils her cooking dreams on TV show

Child actress Harshita Ojha, who is currently seen as Choti Dharaa in TV show “Tamanna”, got a chance to fulfil her love for cooking on the show's set.

TV show 'Tamanna' to explore aspiring woman cricketer's journey

While cricket is almost considered a religion in India, it is often tagged by many as a "male dominated game" and to change this perception, Star Plus has launched its new offering "Tamanna" in Mumbai.

Didi’s Urdu shayaris hit market, Oppn raise ‘plagiarism’ doubts

Mamata’s brother, Ajit, says he doesn’t know when she had she learnt the language.


'Tamanna' would have been a commercial success today: Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt says if she had made her National Award-winning film "Tamanna" today, it would have proved to be a money-spinner.

Same Old,Same New

Films are a reflection of their time. Can remakes contemporise that spirit?

The Artist

Paresh Rawal may not be able to boast of a star-like stature or a crazy fan following,but movie buffs will vouch for his versatility as an actor.

The Artist

One of Bollywood’s most sought-after character actors,Paresh Rawal,talks about surviving in a star-driven industry.