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Southern Sojourn

After undergoing a revamp two months ago with new decor to include temple architecture motifs and an improved menu, Southern Spice of Taj Coromandel will be coming to Mumbai for a 15-day festival starting March 10. Chef Shanmugam, a Southern Spice veteran — who has been with the iconic Chennai restaurant since its inception 14 […]

The Magic Ingredient

White truffle — the richer and more expensive cousin of the black variety — is in the city for a brief visit.


NZ lensman jumps to death at Bandra hotel

Police said John Richard Brimley was depressed due to family issues. He was undergoing treatment. A doctor told police that he was insomniac and was recently put on anti-depressants.

Kitchens of India

As he makes his way out of the kitchen in Masala Bay,Taj Lands End,Bandra’s specialty Indian restaurant,Chef Sarfaraz Ahmed keeps his elbows tucked in and head slightly bowed.

out and about

Ming Yang at Taj Lands End,Bandra,has a special promotion going on for dim sums and Chinese beer.

Four times Ten

His birthday celberations have always been a gala affair but this time around,it promises to be even bigger and very special .


Tata launches HBS classroom at Taj Lands End

Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata inaugurated the first classroom of the famed Harvard Business School in the country today.

Over a Lifetime

From ideas and threads of memory,written down on the yellowing pages of her diary,comes Deepti Naval’s first book of short stories,The Mad Tibetan: Stories from Then and Now.

Brewing Interest

The Indian market is thirsty for international beers. But thanks to erratic tax and import duties,suppliers struggle to meet this demand,consistently

Brewing Interest

Remember the good old days when you would sit in a bar,nursing a single bottle of beer,and curse vodka for being too expensive? Not anymore.