Tahrir Square protests

Tahrir Square protests News

Egypt verdict: Thousands protest for dropping murder charges against ousted president Hosni Mubarak

Over 3,000 protesters took to the streets after Mubarak was acquitted of a murder charge.

Protesters dig in to keep pressure on Egypt army

Thousands stayed in Tahrir square late into the night,aiming to keep up pressure on military.


Egyptians pack Tahrir Square as clashes resume

Some 20,000 defiantly demonstrate in Tahrir Square despite at least 33 deaths since Saturday.

Clashes continue in Egypt's Tahrir Square; 22 killed

Protesters hurled stones,firebombs and threw back tear gas canisters fired by black-clad police.

At least 846 killed in Egypt protests: Report

Earlier,official estimates had put the toll from the nearly three-week-long popular uprising at 365.

Reporter sexually assaulted in Cairo,says CBS

Lara Logan,the network’s chief foreign affairs correspondent,was covering the celebrations in Tahrir Square.


Egyptians hopeful but face uncertain future

Many protesters vow to stay camped in Tahrir Square until they hear 'clear assurances'.

Egypt crisis: Mubarak takes on Army,refuses to quit

Enraged protesters warn of violence and have pleaded for military to take action to push him out.

Strikes in Egypt add to pressure from protests

Public rage has now turned to vast wealth Mubarak's family reportedly amassed while close to half of Egypt struggled near poverty line.

Egypt VP: Regime won't halt,but protests must

In a sharply worded sign of impatience,Suleiman said no to immediate departure of Mubarak.