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Watch: Tigress charges at tourist vehicle in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

The video has led to a concern among wildlife activists who have been demanding strict instructions for tour operators and tourists not to block the animal's path.

Four-yearly national tiger census begins on Jan 16

The figure in Melghat Tiger Reserve (Amravati) too has gone up from 29 to 32,while the Pench Tiger Reserve tally has remained same at 19.


Now,book tickets for wildlife destinations online

Nature lovers can now book their safaris to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve,Pench Tiger Reserve and Bor sanctuary,among other wildlife destinations,online.

Maharashtra: Tiger kills woman,third attack in 2 days

Lalita Pendam,51,from Brahmapuri area of Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra was killed when she had gone to collect flowers in the jungle.

Two killed in back-to-back leopard attacks in Chandrapur

TWO persons were killed,possibly by the same leopard,near Adegaon in Moharli range of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve buffer zone Wednesday.

Leopard kills two at tiger reserve in Maharashtra

Two persons were killed by a leopard near Adegaon village in the Moharli range of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) buffer zone Wednesday morning.


Disillusioned with govt,Anna goes tiger spotting in Tadoba

If you are wondering what Anna Hazare has been doing of late,take a look at the picture above.

Wildlife officials rescue tiger from irate villagers in Nagpur

A week after a tiger that strayed into human inhabitation became target of a restive crowd in Bhivapur tahsil of Nagpur,another sub-adult male tiger

Experts doubt snakebite as cause of tigress death

Though the investigators on Saturday rushed to attribute the death of a pregnant tigress near Jamni village inside Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve to snakebite,facts don’t appear to support the theory

Tigress found dead in TATR

A young tigress pregnant with four cubs was found dead inside Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve Saturday.