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UK says seized Iranian oil tanker could be released

The tanker's interception came on the heels of already high tensions in the Persian Gulf as the Trump administration continues its campaign of maximum pressure on Iran.

UK to facilitate release of Iranian tanker if it gets Syria guarantees: Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt said the call with Iran's foreign minister had been constructive and Mohammad Javad Zarif had told him that Iran wanted to resolve the issue and was not seeking to escalate tensions.


Explained: Where are the world's stateless people?

An international conference opening in The Hague on Wednesday will assess progress on a United Nations campaign called #Ibelong which aims to end statelessness by 2024.

Syria says it does not want to fight with Turkey

Russia, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his country's civil war, and Turkey, long a backer of rebels, co-sponsored a de-escalation pact for the area that has been in place since last year. But the deal has faltered in recent months, forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee.

Up to 2 million Syrians could flee to Turkey if clashes worsen: UN

Syria's Russian-backed military has been pressing an assault on rebels in their last major stronghold with air attacks and ground battles that have already forced tens of thousands to leave their homes.

Kashmiri man pleads for bringing back ISIS-cadre son, in custody in Syria

Adil Ahmed, a Kashmir-resident who had completed his MBA from Queensland in Australia, was captured by the US allied forces in Syria after he had surrendered along with many ISIS activists earlier this year, the officials.


Syria says Israeli attacks kill 3 soldiers, wound 7

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed on Twitter that Israel targeted several military positions in Syria. He said the targets included two artillery batteries, several observation and intelligence posts and an SA2 air defense unit.

US says signs Syria may be using chemical weapons, warns of quick response

The Trump administration has twice bombed Syria over Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons, in April 2017 and April 2018.

Turkey and Russia discuss reducing tension in Syria's Idlib

A renewed wave of violence in northwestern Syria has killed more than 120 civilians, rescue workers and civil defence officials say.

Rukmini Callimachi explains: What the fall of the last ISIS village in Syria means

A three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and multiple award-winning journalist Rukmini Callimachi and currently foreign correspondent with The New York Times, draws on her experience covering ISIS to explain how far the loss of territory will restrict the group, but stresses that it continues to exist.

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Refugee women find relief in Greece soccer

The United Nations Refugee Agency, known as the UNHCR, says there were 76,100 pending asylum claims in Greece at the end of 2018, in a report prepared for World Refugee Day on Thursday.

Battle for Islamic State's last enclave

With the militants besieged on three sides by the SDF and civilians continuing to leave the pocket, a military defeat of the IS fighters seemed inevitable, though it wasn't clear how many fighters remained in Baghouz


Trump move to pull US troops from Syria opens way to turmoil

Trump's declaration of victory was far from unanimous, and officials said U.S. defense and military leaders were trying to dissuade him from ordering the withdrawal right up until the last minute.

With little aid, Syria's Raqqa struggles to revive schools

More than a year since the United States and its allies defeated Islamic State at Raqqa, many of the city’s schools still look like battlefields with buildings left lying in rubble and playgrounds dotted with wrecked cars

Defining pictures of 2016: From Syria civil war to US elections, a glimpse into the year that was

From the migrant crisis to the civil war in Syria and the US elections, here is a collection of some of the best moments in 2016.

Syria: Leading Russian musicians hold concert in Palmyra's ruined theatre

Leading Russian musicians on May 5 staged a classical concert in the ancient theatre of Syria's ravaged Palmyra in a show by the Kremlin to herald its successes in the war-torn country.


Love in the time of war: Stunning wedding photography amid the Syrian ruins

Jafar Meray — a Syrian photographer who has photographed newlyweds in the backdrop of war-torn Syria's ruins — has created quite a buzz on social media.

Canada welcomes first batch of Syrian refugees at Toronto airport

Canada welcomed 163 Syrian refugees, taking in the first of a planned 25,000 in a matter of months and promising them a better life as they flee their country's horrific war.

Top Frames: Syria refugee crisis, Sania's US Open triumph

Here's the collection of best pictures from last week's events from all around the world.

Global artists pay homage to Syrian child Aylan Kurdi who drowned off Turkey coast

Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned off Turkey coast on Wednesday, world artists unitedly illustrated to draw attention to the crisis.

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The doctor who became an enemy of the Syrian regime

Since the beginning of Syria’s civil war, the Bashar Al-Assad government has targeted and killed hundreds of medical workers. Many have fled. This is the story of one doctor, Mohammed al-Bardan, who did not.

Syria's Aleppo gets taste of peace but thirsts for water

Syria’s fragile ceasefire is little comfort for the residents of Aleppo, as sources of drinking water become increasingly scarce.


Syria: Female lion tamer fights militants on Aleppo's frontlines

Former lion tamer Rose, gave an interview in Aleppo, Monday, where she has taken up a position on the frontlines fighting with the Syrian Arab Army against militant extremists. The soldier left her post at the zoo when the conflict began to join the army. “I was very attached to the animals I raised, I […]

Questions over Syrian Kurds' links to Assad and Russia

There are growing concerns among some world powers over the links between Kurdish fighters, the Syrian government and Russia.

Syria's War: ISIL claims control of Khanasir

ISIL fighters in Syria say they’ve taken control of an area on a key supply route for government forces. Omar Al Saleh reports from the Turkish city of Gazientep, near the border with Syria.

Assad calls parliamentary elections in Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called parliamentary elections to be held on April the 13th. The announcement came shortly after news of the ceasefire brokered by Washington and Moscow. The last parliamentary elections to be held in Syria were in 2012. It was the first poll in which multiple parties – and not just the […]


Hopes and fears for the Syria ceasefire

he US and Russia announce ceasefire in Syria Truce takes effect at midnight, 27 February Excludes action against ISIL, the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra front and other militants Critics say this loophole will allow attacks to continue The United Nations Monitoring the ceasefire in Syria could be a big challenge for the United Nations. However, officials admit […]

Turkey rules out unilateral ground intervention in Syria

Turkey is shelling Kurdish militia in Syria, but it has ruled out any unilateral ground intervention there. It comes as Russia asked the UN Security Council on Friday to call for Syria’s sovereignty to be respected – over concerns about a Turkish ground operation. “Turkey will not be going into Syria with the boots on […]

Syrian Kurdish party denies Ankara attack

A Syrian national with links to Syrian Kurdish militia carried out the suicide bombing in Ankara that targeted military personnel and killed at least 28 people, Turkey’s prime minister said Thursday. Turkey’s Kurdish rebels collaborated with the Syrian man to carry out Wednesday’s attack, Ahmet Davutoglu said during a news conference. “The attack was carried […]

Turkey ‘will boost military response’ after Ankara bombing

Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish militant camps in northern Iraq overnight, hours after a suicide car bomb attack targeting military buses killed 28 soldiers and civilians in the Turkish capital Ankara, security sources said on Thursday. A car laden with explosives detonated next to the military buses as they waited at traffic lights near Turkey’s armed […]