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Described as 'wiped out', Islamic State punches back with guerrilla tactics

To suggest that ISIS was defeated, as President Donald Trump did when he announced plans to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, is to ignore the lessons of recent history.

US starts withdrawing supplies, but not troops, from Syria

The withdrawal began with shipments of military equipment, US defense officials said. But in coming weeks, the contingent of about 2,000 troops is expected to depart even as the White House vows to keep the pressure on the Islamic State group.


Bolton walked back an unpopular statement on Syria his disdain for debate helped produce

Bolton, officials said, has put his energy into keeping the ear of the president. His strategy has worked on some issues, like withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, but less so on others, like maintaining a presence in Syria to counter Iranian influence

Trump, Reacting to Pushback, Slows Syria Troop Withdrawal

For a president who has looked to the military for affirmation throughout his campaign and presidency, his decision to withdraw quickly from Syria was a significant split from his military and civilian advisers.

Syria faces brittle future, dominated by Russia and Iran

Now, with the U.S. troop withdrawal and the demise of the insurgency against President Bashar Assad, Iran and Russia will be even freer to flex their power in Syria.

Israeli planes attack targets near Damascus: Syria state media

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK.-based war monitor, said Israeli missiles were launched from above the Lebanese territories and targeted western and southwestern Damascus rural areas.


Iran says US presence in Syria was a mistake from the start

Tehran has opposed the presence of foreign forces in Syria, except those -- from Iran and Russia -- which have been invited by the Bashar-al-Assad government.

The winners and losers in Trump’s planned troop withdrawal from Syria

Here are some of the parties to the conflict that have the most to gain or lose from a US withdrawal.

US ally in Syria says pullout will aid Islamic State, cause instability

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria has rattled Washington's Kurdish allies, who are its most reliable partner in Syria and among the most effective ground forces battling IS.

Donald Trump withdraws US forces from Syria, declaring victory against ISIS

“Our boys, our young women, our men — they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now,” Trump declared in a video posted Wednesday evening on Twitter.

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Trump move to pull US troops from Syria opens way to turmoil

Trump's declaration of victory was far from unanimous, and officials said U.S. defense and military leaders were trying to dissuade him from ordering the withdrawal right up until the last minute.

With little aid, Syria's Raqqa struggles to revive schools

More than a year since the United States and its allies defeated Islamic State at Raqqa, many of the city’s schools still look like battlefields with buildings left lying in rubble and playgrounds dotted with wrecked cars


Defining pictures of 2016: From Syria civil war to US elections, a glimpse into the year that was

From the migrant crisis to the civil war in Syria and the US elections, here is a collection of some of the best moments in 2016.

Syria: Leading Russian musicians hold concert in Palmyra's ruined theatre

Leading Russian musicians on May 5 staged a classical concert in the ancient theatre of Syria's ravaged Palmyra in a show by the Kremlin to herald its successes in the war-torn country.

Love in the time of war: Stunning wedding photography amid the Syrian ruins

Jafar Meray — a Syrian photographer who has photographed newlyweds in the backdrop of war-torn Syria's ruins — has created quite a buzz on social media.

Canada welcomes first batch of Syrian refugees at Toronto airport

Canada welcomed 163 Syrian refugees, taking in the first of a planned 25,000 in a matter of months and promising them a better life as they flee their country's horrific war.


Top Frames: Syria refugee crisis, Sania's US Open triumph

Here's the collection of best pictures from last week's events from all around the world.

Global artists pay homage to Syrian child Aylan Kurdi who drowned off Turkey coast

Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned off Turkey coast on Wednesday, world artists unitedly illustrated to draw attention to the crisis.

Inside pictures of life under Islamic State rule

Areas ruled by the Islamic State are under a bureaucracy of terror: repentance cards, weapons lists, leaflets with rules for women.

Top Frames: Best pictures of the week gone by

Here's a look at the Top pics of this week.

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The doctor who became an enemy of the Syrian regime

Since the beginning of Syria’s civil war, the Bashar Al-Assad government has targeted and killed hundreds of medical workers. Many have fled. This is the story of one doctor, Mohammed al-Bardan, who did not.