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Syrian rebels say Moscow deploys ground forces in Idlib campaign

Russian ground forces entered the battle with government forces to seize the strategic Humaymat hilltops in northern Hama that fell into rebel hands last week, regaining it after previous successive attempts by the army failed.

Syrian rebel groups say will attend Astana peace talks

The meetings in Astana are hosted by regime backer Russia and rebel supporter Turkey, who are working closely to find an end to the Syrian conflict although they have backed opposing sides.


Syria rebels give truce brokers 48 hours to end regime assault

Rebel groups set a 48-hour deadline for the US and Russian sponsors of a February ceasefire in Syria's conflict to halt a regime offensive in the Damascus area.

Rebels attack major Syrian army base in Daraa

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and al-Masalmeh said Brigade 52 is the largest base in Daraa province.

Syria rebels kill 14 in Hama village: state media, NGO

More than 162,000 people have been killed since Syria's conflict began in March 2011.

Syria rebels in final retreat from heart of Homs

Around 1,000 rebel fighters have left the City of Homs under the unprecedented negotiated evacuation that began on Wednesday.


51 killed in Syrian airstrikes, sniper fire in Aleppo

Due to Syrian airstrikes and heavy artillery in the city of Aleppo, 51 people including 13 rebels have lost their lives.

Ships return to port without Syrian chemical weapons,delay in first step

Shifting scenes of hostilities and inaccessible roads causes of delay.

Over 160 killed as Syria rebels battle govt siege of Damascus

It began on Friday when rebel units attacked a string of military checkpoints.

Syrian state TV reports army's seizure of Damascus suburb from rebels

Govt forces appear to have gathered momentum,taking advantage of schism in rebel groups.